Your Horoscopes for 22 Dec 2014 – 19 Jan 2015

Please note with all dates mentioned, the error is usually +/- 1 day. You may also read the description for your Rising Sign, if you know what it is.

If you feel that your month’s description is lacking, rest assured, we all have our busy and chill months of the year – your busy time may yet come! Particularly if you are mutable Sign (rising or Sun sign) i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – you can expect to have the Solar and Lunar eclipses of 2015 paying you a visit.

I have removed as much astrological jargon as possible in trying to not load you with meaningless words, but rather use the space for actual interpretations.

Please note which Decan you fall under in the table below based on your birth date. If your birth date falls between the 19 – 22 of a month, please consult an astrologer or free astrology software ( to verify which Sign your Sun falls in, as during these days of each month, it can vary from year to year (you may be at the very last degrees or very early degrees of a Zodiac sign). Knowing which Decan you are in for your Sun sign will be useful when it is mentioned in the descriptions below for the month 22 Dec 2014 – 19 Jan 2015.




Those of you who are Decan 2 Aries Sun signs are well aware that a new person has been emerging since 2012. This opportunity to transform your image to the world through your talents and mental abilities will be rounding up during the course of the 2015 year. Some of the descriptions that follow may therefore be more dramatic for you.

You are occupied with involvements with close friends and people who support you, possibly within group settings. In this context, you are working solidly toward distinguishing yourself as a dependable person within the group. You are motivated to learn as much as you can to support these efforts, and you may find you are exploring new areas of learning and experience in this regard. There is a great focus on practical results in your workplace this month, and you are busy acquiring as much knowledge as possible as you learn to perform – it is likely you have agreeable mentors to assist you. Stay away from office politics, no matter how unashamedly it is thrown in your face. It is a month of many changes in your work load – be kind to yourself in allocating your time and leisure. Your motivations will soon change from one of free abandon to one of serious action and a need for tangible results. Most of your time this month is occupied by work and social/organizational concerns. Some members of your family may embark on new travels or higher education opportunities. The following dates are relevant: 25 December 2014, 29 December 2014, and 05 January 2015.

While there’s plenty of festivities on New Year’s Day, watch the arguments over large sums of money you’re inclined to be spending during the process, it will reduce the fun dramatically. You may just be wanting to splurge on gifts for the family for the sake of merriment, but just watch you don’t burn a hole in your wallet in the process! If you’re travelling, you may be spending the money on a risky last gasp at a love fling before the seriousness kicks in. Support the kids with the homework, particularly the ones at university.

By 12 January 2015 you may find yourself more inclined to be on your own (hopefully for good reasons). Those of you more spiritually-inclined would benefit from the easy flow of good faith mid-January. If you’re playing the student, you may find yourself in a learning environment but alone. If you’re travelling during this time, take care to keep yourself on the right side of the law! Have an Earth sign friend give you a reality check around 19 January; you may need it to get out of the doldrums in readiness for a new month ahead.


This is not an easy month for you. You may be experiencing serious challenges to your faith and personal confidence due to power struggles you find yourself dragged into. Some of you may be quite fanatical with your ideas and ways of looking at things, which can lead to strife with people that work under you (not to mention illness). You really need to give yourself quality me-time, and surround yourself with people who recognize you for who you are, else you may force people to recognize you and that won’t end so well. Your close friends and partners may also seem a bit distant and full of themselves even if they are being helpful. Understand that they are simply trying to get ahead in life, just as you are, and maybe they are under a lot of pressure as well (and just don’t show it). Relevant dates are: 23 December 2014 and 31 December 2014.
Try not to be reckless in causing change around you just for the sake of it or because you can. You may also be spending a lot of money on travel or education, and getting yourself into debt. You siblings may be bringing some unexpected changes into your life (may be a healthy perspective on things). You may understand this better on 05 January.
From the 04 January, your focus will shift to your work, and you will find yourself in the company of know-it-all colleagues (some of them really DO know their stuff though!). Until 06 January, you have the most opportunity to make it work via friendly means.
From 10 January, you may have developed a reputation for spending money just to have fun (or gambling it away), or even on a romance everyone knows about. However, if you’re a business owner, this could simply be that new product line you’ve been learning about the last couple of months that is coming to light. Yay for productivity! Mid-January could also see you having to fork out more cash than usual with the kids.

Gemini, have you been spending a lot of money lately!? Home renovations got your wallet in a twist? That would be good news, though I suspect many power struggles before the day is done on that front. Be thorough with those contractors and read the fine print. Again. I know, you are feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork. Some of you may be experiencing not such a pleasant time at home or with your family, either because you lack the resources to provide, or someone has passed on or is in a critical condition and you’ve been fighting back for everyone.
In addition, you may be travelling a lot locally for your work or with your partners. They can certainly help you with the paperwork. You just want to have some respite from the madness, but unless you’re working in Big Oil, you should steel yourself from the beginning of the year when disillusionment at work and the escalated seriousness in your relationships due to debt will call you to order (it is building up over the next few months, so I don’t expect a vacation anytime soon). Relevant dates are: 23 December 2014 and 03 January 2015 (you will need a time-out and full refresher on Christmas Day).
It looks as though you are able to hold onto your money around 05 January (last-minute investments from late 2014 may pay out well).
From 06 January you will feel a little more able to get through the rest of the month, even if you may feel things are slowing down to a halt. You should take the time to gather your resources especially from mid-January, in preparation for the next month (some alone time required 10 January). Respect your space, and inform your near and dear ones to do the same.

Toil and trouble without all the bubbles it would seem, is what this month is about at least when it comes to your work. You know what work needs to be done, and you’re ready. If you need to do any health check-ups, this is the month to do them before brushing them under the carpet. Prefer home-coooked meals this month, eating out as a minimum (food-related temporary illnesses indicated).
You may feel obligated to be spending money – perhaps chores and the handyman will be more demanding this month than usual.
It is a very busy month in your relationships, try to keep track of all that needs to be done – get a system in place that works for you. It may becoming more work than relationship, well it appears that way this month. Watch your temper on or just before Christmas Day – if you’re feeling chagrined, go for a walk. Bear in mind your partners may be feeling under the weather or trapped under a mountain of obligations on their part at this time. Be mindful to avoid domestic discord around 05 January.

Your hands are tied with work this month, but you’re really enjoying how you contribute. If you are ill, take it seriously and get the proper medical advice and second opinions.
Especially 4-5 January 2015, give yourself rest and avoid being a workaholic unless you have no choice (also spending time in the company of your support group may be helpful).
Afterwards, your relationships become more active and you may be more able to go out and be seen.
You may have been playing the teacher for a while now, and it will continue into the year until around the time of your birthday.
Around New Year’s Day, you may be asked to make a compromise with your partner over how you are spending your time (especially if your birthday is around 12 August).
By 08 January, most of the drama of the month should be over and you can feel confident in yourself again.

This month is a whirlwind of concrete fun and activity. If you have children, they are a major focus for you and they may be busy out there getting achievements and tangible rewards which you can be proud of.
If you’re a business owner, its time to get serious about innovations you’ve been thinking about and putting down structures in place to see things through the rest of the year.
You’re motivated to bring your family together, so I would try to be understanding with the kids and at home in general to avoid any discord. Christmas day is probably going to be a big affair for you and the kids, or your romance interest.
On 05 January, you may be called into rescue your friends, or they may do the same for you – it’s a great time to patch up past misgivings.
Around 10 January, you may be spending money on education or travel interests related to your work, which will see you through the rest of the month. Your children, or romantic interest are involved again.

You start off this month managing affairs in the home. It’s probably a change you’re not accustomed to, but you can manage. You’re going to be quite busy around the home and out and about in your neighbourhood with familiar people you’re in contact with.
You may be hosting a yoga class at home or some educational experience, or you may simply be using the opportunity to experiment a bit with new ways of approaching your solitude at home.
Sudden romance is on the cards (don’t expect anything long term just yet) – either way, you are spending time and money on entertaining and having fun with people that are close to you in any case. If you have children, they may be especially unruly this month, calling for all your Libran agreeableness and tact as you can muster. Relevant dates are: 23 December 2014 and 13 January 2015. The 10 January has potential to be a very good day for you in terms of all the above (especially for Decan 1 Libra Suns).
Financial strains will begin to ease off around Christmas Day finally – you’ve been waiting for some respite in that department for many months now.
An important and generally good day for you career-wise will be 05 January. Make the most of it, although you may be asked to do more paperwork than usual so just prepare for that (I anticipate by 13 January you may have a new role to play at work, especially the Decan 2 Libra Suns).
After 13 January, your close relations take on a more work-oriented focus rather than fun. That’ll be time to get serious again.

This month is about family and the home, and particularly the people that work on your home or in your home, or your home-based work if you have one. There is a financial focus here too, which can become more strained from the last week of 2014 onwards into 2015. You’re going to be thrifty or suspicious of how you spend your money, do your own homework first. You are called upon to provide for your children, and if you don’t have children, you are spending your money on pleasure activities (perhaps a bit more than you should). You want to distinguish yourself through your work and through service. Relevant dates are: 23 December 2014, 25 December 2014, and 15 January 2015.
You also may find yourself flitting around your neighbourhood and driving around more than usual.
You should be cautious about how you communicate with others (whichever platform you choose to do so), as there is likelihood of trouble being brewed in this department. The same applies to your sibling and relative relations, and neighbours. Be the responsible one, and don’t get involved in power plays.
On New Year’s Day, avoid confrontations with your partners and children, if you have any (especially for those born around 11 November).
From 13 January you are more involved and connected to your children (and romantically if that is on the cards) than previously, for the rest of the month. Try to keep a level head on 19 January with these matters.

This month is about learning and furthering your education. Travel also, if you have the means. If you are the spiritual-type, you may be feeling very well connected to your faith. If you’re a writer, its time to submit your work for publishing. In all these, you will have to exert effort to make things happen (with regards to any due process) because the usual easy flow is somewhat lacking for a while.
Otherwise, you are experiencing a unique joy of spirit and are motivated to act for your freedom and also that of others (particularly if you’re leading things on the work front). Team spirit will be strong so make use of it. Relevant dates are: 08 January and 18 January.
Your ambitions and aspirations will take on a more serious tone from the last week of 2014, particularly in terms of finances and how you choose to communicate with others on equal terms. Perhaps your sibling relations also occupy your mind. You may be spending a lot of money around 05 January or otherwise feel down.
Watch your words particularly around New Year’s Day – don’t talk about religion or politics – that sort of thing. We know you are right, but voicing it at this time may not be such a wise decision. Especially if you’re spending New Year’s with your siblings or relatives around.
You may make new friends at work around 19 January, or old friends may require your assistance.

Those of you who are Decan 2 Capricorn Sun signs are well aware that a new person has been emerging since 2012. This opportunity to transform your image to the world through your talents and mental abilities will be rounding up during the course of the 2015 year. Some of the descriptions that follow may therefore be more dramatic for you.
You have been very much involved in your organizational work and achievements, but by the end of the year you’re being asked to take a back seat and hand over. This month sees a shift from a very social effort, to a more solitary and indirect one (hopefully not by force). You may also be feeling like you need a break after all the running around with groups of people and challenges you’ve been dealing with this last year. Relevant dates are: 24 December 2014 and 16 January 2015.
Relationships may prove a sore thorn in your side 4-5 January (especially for Decan 2 Capricorn Suns), and you may be inclined toward dramatic change and spending as part of the compromise. Your partner is more in the right than you. You may be more occupied with money you’ve spent perhaps on a whim, or pleasure pursuits than their concerns. In any case, some change in your home/work or living conditions are possible due to the actions resulting from these few days. It definitely has a financial component to it (a squabble over money) or you are experiencing a threat to your identity and react. Talk to your partner about it, they seem to be understanding.
Expect sibling and neighbourhood relations to become challenging as the month and year progress. Some stumbling blocks if you are involved with the media or have to write as part of your work.

You seem to be doing a lot of writing and communication at work this month, and its quite serious, at least until the end of 2014. You may have finally found a cause you can believe in or fight for (especially those Decan 2 Aquarius Suns), and its related to your religious beliefs, experiences while you’ve travelled, or something you’re studying.
This month sees your long term focus on career shift into a more sociable scene, one in which you wish to network with others more and voice your educated opinions among your circle of close friends. Just try to tone down the radicalism so that people will be more agreeable to what you have to share. Relevant dates are: 25 December 2014 and 17 January 2015.
From 04 January, your studies or home situation can improve – you’ll have a better handle on things in general. It can be more fun, or focused on your children as well. You may be quite busy on 05 January, take care of your health. See a specialist if required.
Expect some potential strife in your partnerships that can come by surprise around 19 January.

Your idealism with regards to your work may be obvious to you. You can be a workaholic this month, especially if you’re involved in organizations or close friends. Your social network appears to have exploded this month and by the end of the year, you’re going to need a better of keeping track of all your appointments, especially at work for the rest of the month. Relevant dates are: 27 December 2014, and 08 January 2015.
You may have some unexpected health complications around New Year’s Day (especially if your birthday is around 09 March). If you are already ill, keep a low profile and follow medical guidance. If you are not ill, take precaution. Make sure whatever money you are spending is well accounted for, or it might come back to bite you by mid-January (especially for the Decan 1 Pisces Suns).
Travel and studies may prove difficult or unappealing after 05 January for the rest of the month, perhaps you are looking for more fun at this time, or your children need your attention more.