• Shed light and understanding on your problems in an objective way.
  • Suggest to you recommendations that can direct you toward a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Get direct answers to your questions… “Will I get the job?”, “What will happen in this relationship?”.
  • Guide you into an exploration of yourself.

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About Spica Astrology

In the days when all we knew about our world was whatever we could see, when we stepped outside and looked up at the heavens, and beheld the vast array of stars, it was (and still is) such an uplifting experience. In time, as people began to notice that cycles in our lives coincided with certain patterns of the motions of the heavenly bodies, and this was the birth of Astrology.

One might say that we have projected our meaning of life onto the objective stars in the skies – and one must ask oneself why did people do this? And why has it lasted over thousands of years and is still being practiced today? For anything to stand the test of time, there most definitely is something deeply relevant to it in our lives.

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