Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register?

As part of the registration, we ask you to supply your birth information which is required for most readings. This information will then always be kept on file so that we will never need to ask you to re-submit the information for any future services you may require.

How accurate does my birth time need to be?

If it is not accurate within 6 hours, astrological services is not recommended. If it is within 6 hours, a correction will need to be done based on a listing of major life events in order to back-calculate the birth time (this Rectification calculation is done at an additional charge of R150). If the birth time is accurate within 30 minutes, no additional correction will be needed – I will do a quick check by asking you a few questions at the time of our consultation.

Do I have to do a natal astrology reading more than once in my life?

Usually not. It really depends on how much you can remember of the reading you had, if you were satisfied with it or not, and if the time for the reading was enough to answer all your questions regarding aspects of your life. While I do my best to cover as much of the major themes I see in your birth chart with you, you may find that at some point in the future your priorities or life circumstances change, and you may want a new birth chart reading to really hone in on the current matters that concern you. For most people, after they have had a Basic Natal consultation, they have a yearly check-up Look Ahead consultation done every year or two in order to help them understand how their natal chart has meaning in the current 1-2 year period they are looking at. This seems to work well for most people, unless they come back with specific requests pertaining to any of the other consultation types in particular (Fertilty, Vocation, etc.).

Where is my Watch?

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