D. Patel (USA)

I was lost in my life and desperately needed a personal management consultant to help me organize and structure my life. I was suffering from mental health issues, losing my career, struggling in my relationships, and losing touch with myself. I had gone to the internet, friends, family, groups, and therapists for advice and nothing seemed to click. Around the same time, Nathan and I reconnected and I learned about his passion for reading and studying the stars to help people with their traumas, struggles, and concerns.

I had known Nathan for a very long time and knew that he brings full attention, focus, and energy to anything and everything he pursues, so I knew the session would be fruitful and productive. I really love the detailed readings and advice Nathan gives me. It has been sound, practical, and straight to the point (even though it took me some time to accept and internalize it myself). I am naturally a curious person and need to know the how and the why. He has a way of explaining how different configurations in my chart are causing me to experience dynamics internally or externally, which helped me prepare and gain a deeper understanding.

Nathan suggested mantras and spiritual practices specific for me (and my charts) to incorporate into my daily life to help me root within myself again. He also recommended that I focus on a vegetarian diet, especially while I complete these mantras. I was a seven-month journey, and I feel I came out of it in all aspects of my life as a brand new person. The dramas of my past no longer bother me. I used to have a very toxic relationship with my parents and that seemed to change almost overnight. The struggles now seem like a blip in the past. I have so much fun with them – we laugh, sing, and enjoy each other now for the first time it seems. It is weird and odd to think that just a year ago, I was still struggling and did not know how to come out of that long dark phase of my life. I am also happy to report that I have a prolific career where I am constantly excelling, advancing, and abundance just flows to me. My relationships with friends, colleagues, and business partners are easier than ever! Most importantly – my relationship with myself is phenomenal. I have stability, love, and a deep appreciation for myself.

I decided to do the chants and rituals that Nathan recommended every single day in the morning. I was committed to the practices, and I saw the benefits of my work and effort almost immediately. The first thing I noticed was a grounding feeling starting to develop within me. I knew about sound healing and the benefits it would have on me. I was just surprised how quickly I was transforming. I continued with the practice and was able to slow down and change my life inside of me. Nathan told me a few times, “as within so without, as above so below”, and I knew that once I was stabilized internally, externally things would come into alignment and they definitely have!

I feel very fortunate and grateful for Nathan coming into my life at critical points and truly guiding me. He helped me navigate some very difficult points. One of the things I like is that I did not feel I need to have another session. I went to therapy for many years and there I was told I needed to go back again and again to see benefits. Going to Nathan, I feel like I could go to one session and have a plan for the next six months. He has a very practical approach, and wants his clients to succeed. I feel he also goes above and beyond by doing extra practices himself to be ready for our sessions, including doing various fasting and cleansing rituals himself. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

Michelle Vooght (South Africa)

My son has been seeing Nathan since 2015. Nathan assisted him from his matric year (2015) to his current final year at university. Nathan assisted him not only with INVALUABLE direction and guidance, but important life matters and principles that he would come across on his path and how to deal with them. His guidance has been instrumental in my son making choices with regards to studies, friends, anxiety, and fears that are often part of a young adult’s life. I cannot explain in words what this has meant for me as a mother in seeing how my child benefits from the guidance on a daily basis. With Nathan’s help, he has overcome many obstacles and learnt how to navigate through the uncertain times. We are all learning; we are all on this path of life and creating beautiful lives for ourselves. But we are not meant to do it on our own and I am immensely grateful for all the people placed on our path to guide, support, and journey along with us. Your child and you need not go through challenges on your own. Thank  you so much Nathan.

Alexandra Wuzyk (South Africa)

Nathan has given me a wonderful gift of self-understanding in this reading. I find myself coming back to the recording, and each time finding it interesting and relevant to my life. I didnt know what to expect from this experience, and was surprised to find all Nathan said to be effortlessly concise an coherent, as well as immediately getting to the root of the issues I was interested in. I wanted to better understand the anger and emotion I was feeling in my relationship, and he explained its dynamic with my social and work life, giving me a clearer picture of where I should direct my energy and solve these issues. This reading has given me a new perspective on my challenges, valuable warnings about my strengths, and a clearer outlook of how to deal with them both. Nathan is an expert.

Amrain (South Africa)

Nāthan brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to a reading. Astrology is a gift and blessing for our development, so the more specific a reading is, the more we are able to locate ourselves in the broader tapestry of our lives, enabling us to then weave consciously and creatively with the Divine. Nāthan guides this process by approaching the reading with his Vedic and Western and other perspectives. His passion and dedication to constant study is evident with the amount of detail he is able to convey. He meticulously and patiently meditates on the meaning of your chart, and with respect, communicates clearly all that is needed

Dominic Vooght, Cape Town (South Africa)

My first astrology reading with Nathan was in 2014, during my Grade 11 year. Five years later, I still continue to book astrological sessions with him to seek his insight, teachings, and wisdom. His advice has been key to navigating the turbulence of high school and university, and becoming an adult. Nathan’s wisdom has helped me to navigate very difficult parts of my life. For example, I joined a retreat where he gave me insight on the year from March 2020 to March 2021, and this insight has helped me to avoid negative circumstances (such as choosing wrong friend groups and flatmates), and to make the most of the year. I used his advice to make sound decisions regarding my university career, and I have used these insights to grow as a person. I regularly go back to his guidance for this year when I feel I need to.

Not only has Nathan given me incredible guidance and advice about the future, he ahs also given me practical teachings to apply which serve me greatly every day, in the form of meditations and chants. These practical teachings have helped me deal with my anxiety, panic attacks, and depression during the last difficult year of my studies. I highly highly recommend Nathan, and I am so grateful for the role he ahs played in my life.

W., Cape Town (South Africa)

Thanks so much again for the readings regarding my dating and relationship issues. Things have been at a dead-end for years for me and I was staring to lose all hope, but your guidance and remedies helped me put the spark back into my dating- and sex-life. I’ve even had my first proper date! At my age, I thought that this would never happen, but, it did! I’m ecstatic! It feels like I’ve undergone the important rite of passage that so many people undergo. This is all thanks to you! Again, thank-you so much for everything; it is much appreciated! I’ll definitely be back in future!

S. Rose, USA

Thank you Nāthan. This was the most truthful and helpful reading I have ever received in my life. You hit on my issues and provided solutions that I have been struggling with for a very very long time. I hope you receive many blessings for the people I know you can help.

J. Wade, USA

Nāthan is an incredibly gifted astrologer. I am thankful to have crossed paths with someone so highly skilled and attuned to the higher cosmic reality of spiritual existence. I imagine a world where all astrologers operate from such an inspired level of understanding and depth. It is my pleasure to recommend Nāthan to anyone who wishes to connect more intimately with their own soul and to the rhythm of life itself.

R., United Kingdom

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that I cannot live without Nāthan’s  monthly consultations!

Nāthan has been doing readings for me over the last 5 years and it is with extensive experience that I say that Nāthan is an absolutely excellent and accurate astrologer. Nāthan’s contributions have really helped me grow, find purpose in life and helped me achieve the happy balance that I always wanted between my career and family life. I am the person I am today with immense contribution and thanks to Nāthan and his guidance. His readings and his advice has hugely contributed to my success today as a mother, a wife and in my career. In this testimonial I want to provide a few specific and powerful examples of how the power of Nāthan’s guidance has helped me push through and forward with some of the problems I have faced and consulted Nāthan on.

In early 2018 I approached Nāthan with a specific problem related to someone I thought I loved and lost. It rocked my mental and psychological peace. I opened up to Nāthan and asked for his guidance on my loss and how I can attain it back or push through with what I had lost. In what was a 39 minute consultation, Nāthan gave me powerful meditation and mantras that worked a miracle- I can’t explain how they worked but right away I felt at peace. He talked me through why my loss was for the better and how I can use my loss to grow myself as a person. He never tired of me asking him again and again every month we met and explaining to me why my loss was for the better and providing me with guidance on how I can get through my disturbing time.

And I cannot commend enough his honesty- he always told me it would be hard but he gave me the strength, guidance and and techniques to push through it. It is two years on since I first consulted Nāthan for my problem – if it wasn’t for his guidance I would have not overcome my loss experience without jeopardizing all that I had going for me which Nāthan helped me find, seek and nurture.

Probably one of the biggest things Nāthan has helped me with is in my career. At my first consultation with Nāthan he provided me with clarity of my personality, my traits, what works for me and what doesn’t. He explained to me through my personality how I should handle challenges and to gain success in my career. And he inspired me to start my own business. Through a combination of monthly date-by-date guidance on tasks I should perform to achieve my career goals in starting my own business and powerful customised spiritual mantras and guidance, Nāthan really helped me build a focused approach on attaining my goals. And by God they have worked – I have launched my business and have landed my first project – and I owe a lot to Nāthan’s guidance on achieving what I have to date.

Nāthan has also helped in the safe-guarding on the most precious thing in my life – my daughter. Theo warned us of a period of high accident probability against our daughter, pinpointing to accuracy times of heightened probability of an accident occurring – to be precise, he predicted the exact date when my daughter could be harmed by a rodent, and exactly on that date for the first time in 7 years we had a rat in our house. I can honestly say that by coincident we were able to avoid any harm to our daughter from the rodent visitor thanks to following Nāthan’s spiritual guidance and mantras to protect our daughter by last minute deciding to leave our home for the weekend during the rodent weekend visit.

Nāthan provides consultations on a regular basis to many members of my family, and onward to their friends following our recommendations. I can honestly say from these members, whoever has a consultation with Nāthan has always kept coming back for more. Without a doubt, and without any astrological know-how, I can surely see that one day Nāthan will be among one of the most well-reknowned astrologers in the world – which is a small reward in comparison to the immense impact Theo’s guidance has in the lives of his clients!

S. Stehli, South Africa

Nāthan Theodore Naicker and I met at a networking event where he quoted from my book as an opening to his talk. I knew then that the Universe had something special planned as I had been avoiding going to an astrologer due to previous inaccurate experiences. After 2 incredibly insightful sessions with Nāthan , I can now say that I am, for the first time truly excited about what is happening! The sessions have given me so much clarity and confidence. My trust has also deepened and I am in full allowing of the entire process of my new life unfolding. Many thanks for this peace of mind, heart and soul. I trust your input and guidance completely.

M. Hunt, Hawaii

Aloha Nāthan , I just watched the 2016 IAA BDTB workshop you did on Synastry + relationships. I attended that workshop when I was a student at IAA completing the natal certificate program and your excellent teaching was far too way above my head! Amazingly, today I can understand it and it helped me a lot with working through my marital relationship and natal issues, etc. I am back studying on my own and reviewing all the videos I already have in classes, workshops and community webinars on astrology. Yours is among my favorite and so very useful and relevant – and simplifies the complex issue of chart delineations. I just want to let you know how you are helping others like me! thank you again. Mahalo a nui

C. Etberg, South Africa
2017-09-19, 19:40

Nāthan , thank you for an incredible and insightful reading. It has given me more insight and inspiration to birth my talents and aspirations, and I feel liberated and confident to move forward towards my goals and desires without fear or doubt clouding the way! The depth and accuracy of all that I am and all that I need to do was amazing. I feel confident and inspired!

L.Holt, UK
2017-04-09, 21:38

I’m one of the many, many people born in Britain who do not have a recorded birth time and have had to rely on Mum’s or other person’s memory from birth. Although I did have an approximate time that pinned the birth time to within an approximately 40minute time frame. How to get an accurate birth time then? Easy, book a Rectification appointment with Nāthan, who uses Vedic and other astrological methods to hone into the correct time which is down to the second. I had my appointment with him three days ago and was really delighted with how professional and prepared he was. I’ll certainly recommend him to anyone wanting this service.

J.Young, South Africa
2016-07-02, 12:57

Thank you Nāthan for the deeply insightful Career and Finance reading last Friday! You really took the time to understand the intricacies of my chart, and the whole session was the best combination of a practical western approach and a spiritual approach that I have ever experienced. I am still digesting everything you told me, but I already feel more confident in following through with what I’ve always known intuitively.

P.Taylor, Reston, VA, USA
2016-12-30, 02:11

I want to share with you that I really enjoyed this reading – in fact ALL of them! You make the info you share pertinent, and assisted in opening up channels of profound significance for me – to embrace, explore, forgive, contemplate, practice, consider, and act upon with love and patience. It has been a tremendous help in giving me a “bird’s eye” view of life events, providing greater context for how/why all the parts of my life are fitting together like one, Divine, perfectly orchestrated masterpiece! This is both comforting and confirmation of what I “know” on a deeper level. Thank you dear Nāthan, for the courage to embrace and share your unique gifts

Leonora, 63 yo, South Africa
2015-09-20, 21:23

Nāthan, you are an astrological genius! I’ve just had an opportunity to test your rectification and run a couple of transits to assess past event accuracy – it blew me away – so spot on! Here’s the kicker, I always checked transits prior to making big changes and of course, with the incorrect data I was way off course. Some of these transits esp involving Neptune have shed so much light on certain events that I could never understand.

So much gratitude. I’m so excited right now, i decided to share publicly that not only are you correct, but your patience and dedication to this craft is awesome (correct use of that word smile emoticon ) You are highly recommended by this one very happy and impressed lady. XXX

Ann-Marie Breen, 58 yo, Cape Town, South Africa
2015-07-17, 21:23

Nāthan, yet another really amazing reading. Somehow you seem to put the paving pieces together as life takes shape and can therefore see the shape, form and pattern of what life is and lies ahead and bring understanding to it. Thanks so very much, yet again.

Sharyn, 58 yo, Cape Town, South Africa
2015-04-16, 12:50

I want to thank Nāthan from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing Natal Reading. Definitely life changing for me. We started with a two hour session to establish my birth time to the second. Well it was an reading on it’s own. Nāthan told me about events in my life and knew exactly what I was going through at the time. With the fine tuning we established the exact time of my birth – Incredible! Then the three hour reading – OMG it was spot on about me and who I am to my core. Nāthan has a way of explaining that is so accurate and easy to understand. I was delighted to know that I am definitely on my life purpose – finally. Nāthan has given me insights and tools to move into the next phase of my life. I am so excited I have so much to look forward to. Thank you Nāthan .

David, 39, Entrepreneur, Cape Town, South Africa
2015-01-07, 21:17

Nāthan did Natal and Career/Finance readings for me in the last week.

Nāthan involved me with elements of his extensive preparation to enhance the accuracy of the readings. The resultant charts proved valid, highlighting a number of my key life events. This provided me with a good measure of comfort and excitement to see what more I would learn.

During the readings Nāthan adopted a logical approach, starting with the basic big picture, then going into the details of specific elements. This made it easy for me as a novice to follow.

He highlighted patterns which repeat in my life events, which I could relate to, and will be mindful in managing going forward. He also provided me with sight of potential risks, which I think worthwhile looking into.

I definitely recommend Nāthan’s readings.

Zelda, 53 yrs, Specialized Kinesiologist/Reiki Master/Linwall Releasing Facilitator, Cape Town, South Africa
2014-11-23, 11:06

A gifted astrologer of such wisdom and clarity is rare. Nāthan’s insight and understanding of me as a person through the medium of Astrology has resolved some big challenges in my life. I have consulted Nāthan on various areas of my life and even my daughter consulted him on subject choices and career counseling. I find the remedial Astrology very supportive. Through him I have learnt to understand myself better and what is best for me. Nāthan is born to the way of Astrology.

Jaco, 30 yrs, Geologist, Cape Town, South Africa
2014-11-21, 22:01

In 2012 I went through a very difficult time in my relationships. In ended up depressed, and walked a very dangerous path trying to cope. With Nāthan’s guidance, I learned to understand what the cause was, and turned my life around for the better.

Karen, 51 yrs, Astrologer, Cape Town, South Africa
2014-06-07, 14:32

Nāthan’s  innate wisdom combined with a mind professionally trained in Engineering, brings disciplined depth to his astrological consultations. His ongoing studies in astrology under leaders in the field ensure that you will receive a world-class reading. I highly recommend Nāthan as a superb astrologer.

Dr. Piotr Piotrowski, 41 yrs, Astrologer, Poland
2014-02-04, 16:54

I don’t know if anyone dares to write anything about relationship astrology after the workshop by Nāthan, because although the lectures were rigorously factual, the deeper layers of the structure of each horoscope were shown, and the deeper strings in us is moved (in each of us different and probably some other reason). For me it was a real treat, and indeed not only intellectual. Nāthan showed the vast astrological knowledge, which he presented in a methodical and thoughtful way. He impressively moves between techniques and rules of traditional and modern astrology. He excels at not only the theory and practice of astrology, but also the teaching of this subject. Nāthan is going to be simply a perfect teacher of astrology!

Jakub, 22 yrs, Astrologer, Poland
2014-02-03, 14:00

I just got back home after this workshop. I’m still stunned. It was for me absolutely amazing time in many respects. So insightful, mature and authentic approach to astrology is an unusual rarity. Workshop led by Nāthan was the most amazing astrological event in which I have participated so far. After a very systematic and orderly theoretical introduction, he joined course participants to analyze cases. All of us could see how to do a full analysis of relationship issues in the natal chart, and how to perform a forecast based on the techniques of both traditional and modern astrology. Thanks to Nāthan , the course participants had a possibility not only to meet many interesting techniques (profections, lunations and eclipses, phases of progressed Moon, etc.) in practice, but also to understand them and their meaning. I hope for the possibility of participating in such profound courses in future!