Venus in Pisces: Cherry Blossom Candyfloss

Browsing my social media outlets recently, I can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by events and circumstances that are way over my head and beyond my range of control or impact for change. With the reverberations of the Uranus-Pluto square still lingering, and the Saturn-Neptune square still in motion, there seems to be a lot of tension and edginess going around. I wanted to write an article to remind us about that most precious of human characteristics: love.

There of course is an individual or personal aspect to Venus, and more generally she speaks to an underlying collective need that seeks manifestation. Astrologers don’t usually refer to the inner personal planets when talking about world events, but I have a slightly different opinion about this. While the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) may show sweeping changes in society and the world over large periods of time, they belie the fact that every one of us is a contributor to that collective experience, whether or not we are aware of such an impact. Allow me to explain.

Each of us carries with us our own world view, our own set of feelings, emotions, thoughts, and intentions. Together, they allow us to play a role of relativity and a role of separateness from others that enables us to interact with the world. That is all great, but the corollary to this is that we are all contributing to a collective exchange between perception, intention, and manifestation through a collective will. The inner personal planets (the Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Sun) indicate how each of us are making this contribution. One cannot help the world without helping oneself, one cannot free the world before freeing oneself. We are all responsible as contributors to events in our experience, as we are all pouring forth a stream of emotions, intentions, thoughts and wills into the collective stream in which we are living.


Understanding Venus, our personal Venus, and how we relate to others and experience joy in life, plays a major role in how we go about making decisions in our life, especially the decision over activities between those that bring us pleasure, and those that bring us pain. She defines what particular sweetness we wish to experience from life, and the circumstances of us getting it – most prominently in the area of our relationships.

In astrology, Venus signifies many things. In the home, she indicates decorations, the area of the house we most enjoy, the bathroom and the bedroom. At work, she indicates how we work along with others in a team, and what motivates us to grow on a personal, private level. In a business, she indicates the marketing strategy most effective to get new clients, and the values which can be incorporated into a business profile or brand. When it comes to sensuality, she indicates which body parts and personality traits one is attracted to, and what feeds your sex drive. She can also indicate your style of dress, the sort of hobbies and games you enjoy, and the small possessions you have that help you feel beautiful or handsome in your body. Yes…Venus is the sweetness of life.

So, Venus is in Pisces at the moment. What does that mean?

Venus in Pisces, together with Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius, has been activating the mid-section of the mutable signs (mutable signs: Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo) which were sensitized during the Solar Eclipse early in March this year. People with a Pisces emphasis, and a mutable sign emphasis in general, would have been processing a major change in their life over the course of March, with a furthering or resolution of this issue playing out over the last few days and into the coming weeks.

With Venus being activated, we would expect these changes to have a financial component, and a relationship component to it. If you stop and smell the roses, and block out the noise, you will feel internally a response for rejuvenation and heightened spirit of emotions, particularly self-love. I wanted to highlight a few facets of Venus in general, while she is in the sign of her exaltation, Pisces. While the external experience of things may be tumultuous and busy, the internal state of joy and love is more accessible than ever.

With Venus in Pisces, being in a sign ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, there is a deep need to experience life and love in an all-encompassing, or universal way. We wish the magic of our relationships and desires to find fulfillment and support – internally as well as externally. We may be enlivened by and attracted to ideals of brotherhood and community around us, or we may push forward to express compassion within our relationships at this time, or even exert effort in manifesting whatever ideal of love the people around us seem to be looking for. It is a very giving sort of Venus, eager to contribute and enhance on a personal heart level. An odd but relevant example would be Hugh Hefner (born with a Venus in Pisces), who embodied and manifested the ideal of love at his time and for a particular group of people who to him defined his “community”.

Love should not be limited to any particular or exacting expression – it should be allowed to flow into whatever container is ready to receive it, ranging from the conservative ideal to the fantastical and bizarre. With Venus in Pisces, the only limit to love is the boundary of our imagination. This is perhaps the signification of the symbol of Pisces – the left and right halves of our realities, the internal and external projections and feelings, both connected or tied to each other; the Pisces journey and quest in life.

However, as with all mutable signs, there comes a point of conundrum. How to embody a universal ideal within a particular (and clearly well defined) relationship? Is Venus in Pisces the embodiment of “free love”? If it is, is there scope for it in our world today, and in what way? So of course there is the usual dual nature of mutable signs here: to fly off the wall into fantasy space, or to sacrifice and practice compassion in a real sense in our interaction with the world. In either case, the need to bring divisive or separate streams of emotional need within a relationship to a common ground, and to express that together as an ideal is very strong with this placement. It can be quite a balancing act trying to form a relationship grounded in reality and yet simultaneously expressing a broad ideal.

The two signs of the zodiac ruled by Venus are Taurus and Libra. The sign Pisces has no sign-relationship to Libra, but it does have a sign-sextile relationship to Taurus. This indicates that Venus placed in Pisces can have communication issues (most commonly the struggle of expressing their ideal), and relies more on tangibles, everyday actions as marks or milestones of the universal ideal of love which is carried. Small acts of love have major significance, reflecting the Taurus preference for consistency and simplicity. So one finds that most people with a Pisces Venus placement may run into communication problems, but have the tangibles very well laid out. Sensuality is definitely not a problem, especially the sort of sensuality that is also deeply considerate.

"Across the Universe" (2007)

“Across the Universe” (2007)

It is always a worthwhile personal exercise to remind oneself that the ideal of love one is seeking must emerge from and be defined by oneself because there is a cautionary note here that one can inadvertently absorb whatever ideals are pushed or impressed upon a person from people and circumstances in life (wholesome or otherwise). Love is not an escape route for dealing with the vagaries of life – well at least this is not often found to be the sustainable route because whatever or whoever the ideal is projected onto inevitably changes or moves on, and one is left with only an ideal to embrace. It is more sustainable to daily remind oneself that love is an inter-connectedness, and that you are connected, and from that standpoint, ready and prepare oneself to receive positive feedback from the system or the universe. One’s values may be compromised to uphold an ideal or fantasy in a personal relationship, and this is where problems can arise. Due to insecurity and fear of hurts repeating, one can become convinced that it is better to commit to an ideal, instead of continuously seeking to find that ideal in just one person or one group or one circumstance. It is not a Pisces Venus trait to go looking, but its power is in its ability to channel and receive. Using this to one’s benefit is an important shift.

If one is not born with Venus in Pisces, but if one has a strong mutable influence (an emphasis of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, or Virgo), this is a time to be kind to oneself, to dig deep, feel deep, and connect with your values. It may in fact be imperative that you do this on a daily basis as a sort of personal intimate ritual at this time. You may be feeling already that such a practice is necessary for you to manage the tumultuous events and indicators of change that are being presented to you. The values that support your goals, the values that support your relationships and interactions with the world are inter-related, and putting some time into these activities now will help bring balance to the rest of your life that is changing. Get involved with a group with whose values you strongly resonate, and give your wholehearted efforts to that cause. Venus in Pisces requires a connection to community before that love can flow down over all other relationships in your life.

Notable people born with Venus in Pisces: George Washington, Marilyn Manson, Hugh Hefner, Victor Hugo, Jay Leno, Drew Barrymore, Bridget Fonda.

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