The Planets and You

Yoga_of_the_PlanetsThe three lower energy centres are of our lower nature, and most people function through one of these three at various times in their life. You can understand which one you are operating through by observing which vice you are subject to the most: Anger (Muladhara), Lust (Svadhisthana), or Greed (Manipura). When the awareness is operating through one of these energy centres, one should align in a constructive sense with it, or else there is likely to be a destructive expression and wastage of the energy via the particular vice.

The three upper energy centres are of our higher nature, related to Love (Anahata), Connectedness (Vishudda), and Intuition (Ajna).

The main current of awareness in the bodies is the Sushumna Nadi that is energetically linked to the cerebrospinal and corresponding sympathetic glanduar centres in the body. On either side of this, lies a helix of the Ida (Lunar) and Pingala (Solar) currents, as depicted in the diagram.

The exaltation of the planets are as follows: Aries (Sun), Taurus (Moon), Cancer (Jupiter), Virgo (Mercury), Libra (Saturn), Capricorn (Mars), and Pisces (Venus). When placed on the diagram, they indicate the planetary energy most commonly associated with each energy centre as most people would think.

I am experimenting with looking at a person from this holistic/energetic as well as medical perspective as relates to their personal astrology. My aim is to one day combine astrological factors in support of alternative therapies using the energy centres.