This is purely my interpretation and opinion, and does not represent any verified or legal standpoint or meant to provide advice in that regard.

After having gathered information related to this incident, I am horrified and deeply saddened and could barely work. This is an attempt to make sense of all this the only way I know how – with the language of Astrology. While justice of the heavens is due, I pray that earthly justice through the laws of this land be served timeously. This work is dedicated to Jayde, and all other victims like her over the years.

Please note that the tone of voice adopted from hereon is coldly objective, both in an attempt for me to stifle my raging emotions around this incident, and also to approach this as diligently as possible with the respect it deserves.

Please consider gently. I may be completely wrong.


Jade Panayiotou was born on 22 November 1985 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As far as I know, the time of birth is unknown.

She went to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where she studied a Bachelor of Arts with Psychology and English majors, before completing her teaching qualification through Unisa.

She was a Grade & form teacher at Riebeek College Girls high school in Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth since 2008. She also coached hockey at the school. She also taught Life Orientation to Grades 4-7 at the school.

She met her husband, Chris, about 11 year ago (2004), and they married on 23 June 2013.

She went missing outside her home in Stellen Glen, Kabega Park in Port Elizabeth on the morning of 21 April 2015 between 6.30 am and 07:00 am while waiting for a friend she worked with (Cherise Swanepoel) to pick her up to go to work.

Swanepoel, who had stopped at a petrol station to fill up with fuel on her way to collect her friend in Deacon Road, sent her a WhatsApp as she was leaving the petrol station to say she would be there in a few minutes. Panayiotou read the message, but when Swanepoel arrived at the townhouse complex around 06:40am, there was no sign of her.

Between 09:00 – 09:30 am the following day, an undisclosed amount of money was withdrawn from an ATM near Kwanobuhle on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

Around 10am the following day, the helicopter search team noticed an object in an isolated area near the Kwanobuhle township in Uitenhage. Further investigation thereafter by the grounds team led to the recovery of the body of Jayde in that area. She had been shot twice in the chest, and once in the head.

On 29 April 2015, two suspects (aged 28 and 31) were arrested in connection with her murder.

One of the suspects had already been on the run from the police since 28 February 2015 for the hijacking of a three-month pregnant woman from an underground parking lot at the Greenacres shopping centre in Port Elizabeth. The woman, was held at gunpoint and only released after the suspect had withdrawn R2000 from an ATM at the Sasol Garage in Stanford Road. The suspect was out of prison on bail when the murder of Jayde was conducted.

On 30 April 2015, news reports indicated that the police had removed robbery as a motive for the murder, and that one of the two suspects that were arrested was her husband Chris. He is due to appear in court on Monday 04 May 2015.

PART TWO: TRIBUTES (Internet news sources)

Riebeek high school principal: “For her, teaching was not a job, teaching was a calling and a passion”.

Swanepoel: “Although she was petite, she was feisty. She wouldn’t have accepted her fate without putting up a fight. Jayde had spunk; she was a real go getter. Anything she put her mind to, would get done. If we ever drove past an animal on the side of the road, Jayde would always ask if we could stop and rescue it, if she could keep it and take it home. She had animal protection services on speed dial and would call them while we were driving, saying there’s a guy on such and such a corner selling puppies. She had a real heart for animals. She was well organised, prepared for everything, honest and true to herself. She never conformed and was okay with not following the crowd. She would stand up for her own beliefs and would not waiver from her values. She loved to read. A recent picture she posted on Instagram shows a pile of books she had just bought that she was hoping to tackle.

Jayde (facebook): “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me”.

Rockman (parent): “Just a month ago Jayde was telling the girls what they should do in the event that someone tries to abduct them. She told them to kick and scream and make as much noise as possible. It’s just so unbelievable that she would be faced with that situation.”

Ewertes (former pupil): “She was someone that you could always talk to. She was always so happy. She was so loving she even couldn’t bring herself to shout at us. She would start and then break out into a wide smile”.

Jayde’s words to her students: “My words of wisdom to you…Respect yourself: If you don’t, others wont either. Remember, the world sees what you put out there, so always hold yourself to a high standard of grace and elegance. Life is always about making choices. Always do your best to make the right ones, and always do your best to learn from the wrong ones. Never hope for it more than you work for it. Hard work pays off. All my love, Mrs Panayiotou”.

Ms Potgieter (fellow staff): “Her dedication to causes and people were humbling and so sincere. Memories with Jayde that light up my face is when we shared our child-like moments. Sharing happy dances, jumping on the jumping castle together and tobogganing at full speed. She is not just a person to call ‘friend’, she shared herself with others and made you feel cared for”.

Mrs T. Woods remembers her sitting in the staffroom putting her sunglasses on upside down and tying her hair up in a high pony and swinging her head around and around like a helicopter.

Mrs Gunter pictures sitting in her chair in the staff room, saying pow pow pow and kicking her legs. She would bounce on her chair doing this whenever she got excited.

Other staff members spoke of Jayde’s personality: feisty, enthusiastic, respectful, dependable, loyal, filled with integrity, strong, courageous, modest, highly capable but unassuming, lovely laughter, her #goodvibes, how if she did something then it would be done precisely, neatly and thoroughly, how she was not a moaner but a do-er. She has a lovely laugh. She had a fantastic manner with children – empathetic but firm and she instinctively knew when to be which of the two. She cared about people, principles and animals. She never shied away from hard work. She was the best kind of teacher because she is a role model. And, most of all, she is very much loved because she touched lives.


Since there is no birth time, there are few things that first have to be verified even before a solar chart can be looked at.

On 22 November 1985, the Sun moved from the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius. The Moon also moved from the sign of Pisces and into the sign of Aries. So this gives a few possibilities:

00:00 – 03:00am Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces

03:00 – 11:00am Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Aries (out of sign trine)

11:00 – onwards Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Aries

I suggest a Fire sign rising – given the jovial, inspiring, and active personality. There does seem to be great depth to all her activities though, nothing is superficial about what she chose to do or say. I therefore would go for the Scorpio Sun. She also exhibits the typically piercing Scorpio eyes. Hence, I think the birth time is between 3am and 11am.

Both the Sun and Moon being ruled by Mars may be relevant – both the life-giving planets are ruled by Mars. With Mars in Libra, it is no wonder she had such a strong drive to connect with others, to fight for others rather than herself (Libra). Nelson Mandela also had Mars in Libra.

Her personality as people have described her reflects a Sagittarius rising sign to my mind. A fun, jovial, and uplifting presence, who has a natural talent for teaching or showing others the way to freedom (Sagittarius Ascendant). She wasn’t overly ambitious, proud or showy (Leo), nor was she completely self-driven without much thought to include others (Aries).

I think this also makes sense since if Sagittarius is rising, its ruler (Jupiter Aquarius) is in the 3rd house of teaching (up to end of highschool), writing, reading – all the things she loved, and it was the default choice of her profession. Riebeek high school principal: “For her, teaching was not a job, teaching was a calling and a passion”. Jupiter, Lord of the Ascendant, and natural significator of Teacher, is in the 3rd house of teaching (up to end of high school), writing, and speaking.

If one uses Placidus houses, we’d want to keep the Jupiter in the 3rd house or close to the 3rd house cusp. If this is the case, then the birth time range would be 06:03 am – 07:03 am (or slightly later). I’ll just use 06:30am as a mid-case, and for interpretation I will use Whole Sign houses.

Please note that for Daily Profections, it is interesting that the birth time (time of coming into the world) coincides closely with the hour in which she was abducted and/or killed (when she disappeared or left the world for all intents and purposes).

JaydeNatalI have refrained from referring to this “birth chart” in great detail, in respect of Jayde. Whatever, the birth time may be, her strength and weaknesses as indicated in a birth chart are best known to her at this stage. I shall only refer to this chart when necessary and then only briefly, in the following text.


I have the following events:

Met husband in 2004.

Marriage 22 June 2013.

Death 21/22 April 2015.


In Nov 2003, the Mercury major Firdaria period began and was operative unmixed until Oct 2005. Mercury in her natal chart rules the 7th house of partnerships, and Mercury being placed in the Ascendant, is a strong argument for meeting a partner during this time, which is what happened.

Mercury/Sun Firdaria period (06 March 2013 – 12 Jan 2015).

Mercury is the matter = relationship (Mercury rules the house of relationship in the natal). The Sun is the form that that topic takes on in this period. Hence, Sagittarius Sun = warm, generous, public, leading with faith and pursuit of freedom. So it is a relationship that takes on those meanings. In addition, the Sun rules the 9th house in the birth chart, so the form of the relationship is lawful (9th house). It could also be that she travels with a partner or because of a relationship during this time (i.e. honeymoon would most definitely have involved travel of some kind). The Sun is located in the 12th house in the birth chart, so there is a certain “darkness” about this time, maybe she isn’t seeing clearly some aspects of what is happening to her since the 12th house indicates events and people that restrict us or work against us secretly. The relationship develops into something of freedom or has that vibe to it (Mercury relationship modified by Solar Sagittarius).

Mercury/Venus Firdaria (13 January 2015 – 20 Nov 2016)

Once again, the matter that is happening or of focus is relationship (Mercury). In this period, Venus is the form that the relationship takes i.e. Scorpio Venus = possessiveness, scheming, deep hurt, revenge and betrayal in love. In simple words, it becomes emotionally combative (Scorpio). Venus is in the 12th house in the birth chart, and is square Jupiter, the ruler of the Ascendant. This adds to the level of conflict as a square aspect (particularly in fixed signs) is challenging and requires a lot of patience to work through. It is basically a conflict between how she wants to grow (Jupiter) and what the current love and relationship conditions are (Venus). Since Venus rules the 6th and the 11th houses and is in the 12th, the relationship becomes stifling and friends may be a source of temporary help. Relationships didn’t start off so well (Mercury Detriment) and in this period they become worse (Venus in Detriment also). The alternative meaning of the 7th house instead of relationships is open conflict so that could also be a possibility at this time – open conflict (Mercury) that comes seemingly from nowhere (Venus 12th house). A benefic planet in bad condition (Venus) will give what it promises (relationship, love) but will destroy it later due to issues and through circumstances related to the sign it is in (Scorpio, as described above). I think the Venus-Jupiter square trumped the conflict level up as it is a direct indication that Jayde (Jupiter) meets or struggles with (square) an overpowering adversary (Venus Scorpio superior square). Jayde passed away during this period (21/22 April 2015).


For the year Nov 2012 – Nov 2013

It is a 4th house profection year. 4th from the 4th is the 7th house. So matters of relationship are happening. Jayde married during this year. The profected Ascendant being Pisces, with its ruler Jupiter being Jayde, indicates that this is a year in which she felt encouraged and emotionally alive and driven to go after what she wanted (especially with respect to the 7th house of relationship/marriage). Jayde married in this year.

For the year Nov 2014 – Nov 2015

It is a 6th house profection year. 6th from the 6th is the 11th house. So matters of arguments with friends or working for a cause are strong (Mars Libra 11th house). In addition, the profected Ascendant has come to the 6th sign which is Taurus = she is working extremely hard physically, or is being enslaved physically (or feeling as such). Venus, being the ruler of the year, is in detriment, in the 7th house from the profection, so arguments are happening within the relationship which is emotionally explosive. Venus rules both the profected Ascendant Taurus, as well as the Mars Libra. Both Venus and Mars are dramatically activated for this year. Both planets are in detriment so it is not a good indicator.

In both cases, the profected month of the marriage, and the profected month of her death were both the 11th house Libra. Marriage was 23 June 2013, Death was 21/22 April 2015. Both events occurred as the profected month of Libra began, TO THE DAY. This connects the events or people around her marriage with the events and people around her death. Clearly, the Mars Libra stands out.


We can also look at the planetary hours to get a sense of what is going on and which planets are activated via this method around the times of her death that we know of.

Jayde was abducted close to 06:39 am on 21 April 2015.

21 April 2015 is a Tuesday – a day ruled by Mars.

Sunrise on that day in Port Elizabeth was at 06:44am, and it would have began an hour of Mars.

Mars was active.

Jayde’s body was spotted by air around 10am 22 April 2015, and ground search parties found the body shortly thereafter.

22 April 2015 is a Wednesday – a day ruled by Mercury.

10am was still in a Jupiter period, but at 10:23am a Mars hour began.

Both the time of abduction, and (what I surmise) is the time the body was discovered were both within minutes of Mars-ruled hours of the day. The same Mars that the profections identified as very significant for this year.


JaydeSArcOn 21 April 2015 06:39 AM (the time of abduction)

Solar Arc directed Mars is conjunct Natal Venus (within minutes)

Solar Arc directed Venus is sextile Natal Mars (within minutes)

These are the two malefic planets that were identified in all the other methods as active this year. The preceding methods basically identified what themes and planets to watch out for in all these direction techniques: Venus and Mars.


JaydeTraOn 21 April 2015 06:39 AM (time of abduction)

Transiting Mars is partile opposition to the natal Venus – this is describing the abduction in fixed signs of each planet’s detriment, from the 6th house (submission, slavery, bondage) to the 12th house (darkness, hidden enemies)….it is possible no one heard Jayde because she was probably gagged (Taurus Mars) and very solidly unable to act (fixed signs) removed from sight. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception from each other’s sign of detriment via an opposition aspect, which is traditionally described as an event that, if pursued, leads to ruin and regret. What it means in this case, is that the usual slowness of the activity that would’ve otherwise been indicated by the fixed signs is not one of speed as it happens very quickly due to the mutual reception, and is converted rather to extreme intensity or severity of experience.

Moon and Venus in Gemini, the sign of her relationships, with the Moon receiving a partile opposition from transiting Saturn. The Moon ruling the 8th house of death, and by transit partile opposition to Saturn. Jayde was approaching in Astrology a period of time called the Saturn Return, so the involvement of Saturn at this time is relevant. Her natal Saturn is conjunct her Sun, which indicates that the Saturn return would involve challenge to her personal power and abilities to be and go after the things she wants in her life. Being combust, the Saturn signifies that as a person, Jayde valued and never shirked from her duties and hard work – she understood that through hard work (Saturn) she would be recognized and achieve in her life (Sun). Even though the transiting Moon makes an aspect to her natal Saturn once every month, the confluence of this aspect on this fated day together with the Mars-Venus one, with the Moon carrying with it the natal message of permanent life transformation or death, seems to have been relevant to what happened.

The transit event of Mars opposition Venus, with Mars-Venus and Mercury involvement in all the preceding techniques shows (through Astrology) of a difficult time for this person, in and through the topic of relationship or marriage related to personal isolation (Sun-Saturn) and a life-changing (in this case, permanent) event (Moon).

This has shown how the natal significations of detriment planets Venus, Mercury, and particuarly Mars indicated in almost all well-known astrological techniques, a time of severity and hardship for Jayde, which unfortunately manifested as unhappy circumstances.

I will be following the news updates as the days and weeks go on, but I may not post updates on this blog.