General and brief overview of transits over the following month. Stay tuned for more in-depth monthly horoscopes.

01: Mercury enters Gemini.

Many ideas to make alterations and go after new mental connections with people that enliven you.

03: Mercury opposition Saturn retrograde

Restrictions affecting your ability to think straight and work hard can bring about restlessness and anxiety. Reduced enthusiasm. No time for games.

04: Scorpio Full Moon, Sun square Jupiter

Peak of intensity in emotions. Think carefully about reward and risks in projects.

06: Sun trine Pluto retrograde

Opportunity for major practical change through patient effort. Overcoming apathy in this regard.

07: Venus enters Cancer

The good old days (or old flames) can occupy your space. Have a wholesome home-cooked meal. Spend time making your house a home.

09: Mercury square Neptune

Dont expect clear answers, or clear questions either. Restlessness and wanting to escape.

11: Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Gather info about the bottlenecks in your way and act to clear it out!

12: Mars enters Gemini, Mars opposition Saturn retrograde

Speak out (logically) about what you want to do or the ideas you’ve got that others may require. Expect delays in communication.

16: Venus trine Neptune

A good day to day-dream, as long as you keep it there! Take a comfort break from all the harshness this month.

18: Taurus New Moon

Set intentions for slow and steady plans over the next 30 days. All good things are worth waiting for.

19: Mercury goes Retrograde

21: Sun enters Gemini

Adapt to changed circumstances in communication, not losing sight of your heart.

22: Venus opposition Pluto

Compulsive behaviour can get out of hand, particularly in relationships. Do something intense and intimate together.

23: Sun opposition Saturn retrograde

Acknowledge your shortcomings, and work within your means setting your own standard for excellence. Goalposts may need adjustment.

25: Venus square Uranus, Virgo 1st Quarter Moon, Mars square Neptune

Do something different in your relationship. Chance for arguments and disruption to routines. Comprise needed to avoid permanent damage. Especially don’t be over-critical and over-analytical about what you value, lighten up a bit. People may not pay attention to you so don’t lash out, direct the energy into a new channel of personal activity.

27: Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars

Working hard to clarify or dispel doubts and misunderstandings and general screw-ups. Dont play the blame game.

29: Mercury retrograde square Neptune

Dont try to understand everything. Take it in via small doses. Do a painting, read a fantasy story, watch a movie and switch off for a bit.

30: Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun

Carefully consider your words and communication channels before sharing with others

31: Sun square Neptune

Tendency to procrastinate is strong, so set teh alarm, keep the to do list at hand, and ask a friend for help or advice. If you’re working for others, dream big and go with it. Be wary of over-estimating your abilities as you could overwork yourself.

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