2017 Summary and Year Horoscopes

Material in this blog post was originally penned in Dec 2016 as part of my notes for a year outlook of horoscope videos. As we approach the halfway point of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to post them in full for a useful mid-year “sense-check”.

First we look into the Aries Ingress chart for the year 2017.

There is a partile Saturn-Moon conjunction at the end of Sagittarius. The Saturn-Moon conjunction direction and nadir lines go through Hong Kong, with the other directional lines going through S.America, Russia, and down through China.

The placement of Mars is important in an Aries Ingress, and is in detriment and ruling a stellium in Aries. These all indicate the USA, Russia, China, South America, and most painfully the region of Hong Kong as most afflicted.

Any country that has important planets at 27° mutable signs will also be powerfully impacted.

Mars is closely involved with the pair of eclipses in August 2017 as well as in the Libra Ingress at the end of September which re-activates the Aries Ingress. We can expect an escalation in the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

A Moon-Saturn conjunction speaks to loss and lack of support for the things of the sign, and it means that Sagittarius-strong countries and other Sagittarius themes are going to experience a lack of support during the year and even sorrow and the end of an era. For example, the end of WWII had a Saturn-Moon conjunction which passed through the eastern seaboard of the USA and shortly after WWII Franklin D. Roosevelt died, which was attended by much sadness and which marked the end of American Isolationism proper and a new era of global dominance.

We are having a similar pattern repeat this year, with the Saturn-Moon conjunction near the MC of Washington, D.C with a Neptune-South Node around the AC. This speaks to a loss of faith and curtailing of freedoms and expansionist ideologies accompanied by mass disillusionment.

For the UK, the Neptune-SNode resides over the Pisces PC, perhaps indicating lack of resources particularly for institutions such as health care.

Problems continue for Germany, with Pluto on the DC in Berlin, which is shared by South Africa, although the opportunity for the rise of a new leadership is stronger in South Africa with the Sun-Venus conjunction on the MC.

Sudden changes to government focus is possible in Saudi Arabia, with the Uranus-MC connection with the Aries stellium.

Places such as Japan are likely to change foreign diplomacy, with the Jupiter-AC signification.

Major global changes will begin to take effect from the end of April 2017. Further analysis with the inclusion of eclipses and ingress charts should be assessed for confirmation.

Individually, this is going to impact most those Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo people who are born between 12-22 of the month.

The ongoing theme with Aries is a search for understanding and deeper meaning in their life because of events that have occurred through their relationships, with some serious rethinking happening in March. The lessons from those relationships which sort of blindsided you, or which have developed in ways beyond your control, or which have not been clear, these are things that over the next few years are seeking some form of resolution particularly as the relationship focus has affected the earning capability of Aries for quite some time now and we are asking to come to a new understanding and appreciation of relationship in that context. Many Aries have also felt the urge to lay down roots or family, or at least be more responsive in their relationship and attitude toward family, especially in August as far as you are able to do so. The world seems to be too large a place Aries, and for the next few years it may be a good idea to take a step back into the familiar territory of one’s authentic self to take stock before placing the next foot forward. Given the stellium for the year in Aries, now is the year to act and be on display, there may be more opportunities in 2017 for Aries to turn things around, especially in the first half of the year especially making connections that expand your learning and your ability to counsel others. Career matters begin to move forward by mid-January, with a resolution phase of the last year’s financial blues being reevaluated come April. Aries may feel finally ready to communicate their ideas in tangible ways come September.


Taurus have for a long time felt that they carry a lot on their shoulders, and this is true. A lot of what is going on in your life (or not) you’ve sort of had to take responsibility for this, but you can redefine yourself in April 2017. Relationships have brought in more financial concern, even if partners have risen to advantageous positions this past year which resolve through 2017. In March, it may be better to strengthen your relationship to yourself instead of trying to enforce your will in relationships, just see how things play out as a spectator. Your decisions have yielded varied financial implications which need to be accommodated or adapted to going forward. You’re able to be proactive in August to consider new changes regarding your financial situation as the months before August see changes and much activity in your work. Through hard work there have been opportunities to rise in authority and credibility, which could offset the financial burdens in support of partners. New horizons likely take effect from mid-January.


Gemini have been one of the busiest of archetypes financially-speaking. Having flexibility with respect to financial management has almost become a statement of who you are. The expanding of your perspective and involvement with the world at large has taken you into new areas and vocations which in themselves may give you that much-coveted shock-value you’ve been looking for. Sudden changes and exciting developments have gone hand in hand with financial ups and downs, and you will busy yourself to come to a form of settlement or resolution with these changes over the next few years. The balance between work and relationship should be paid attention to, as partners may be taking on tremendous responsibilities during the year and will need support. Come August you are seeking to reconnect with family and home in more tangible ways and more importantly in ways which you wish to define rather than according to the whims of others. A fine balance between distance and closeness should be communicated as openly as possible to avoid the projection of problems from one to another. It is not an easy year for relationships (particularly in April) so finding fulfilment in other areas of life on your own would help spread the burden.


Cancer has had to deal with distance from family and homeland and maybe even a changing of what home really means to you. Your public roles and activities have created a distance at home, or alternatively a recognition that home may need to change first before your life may settle, and you are busy trying to resolve this in the first half of the year. It is a time when you’ve have been exposed to the global community in ways which your home life may need to be aligned over the next few years. Even though you find yourself in prominent and fortunate circumstances, you have also had to understand what it means to put yourself out there diplomatically to sustain these opportunities and good luck and this is especially true in August. Fortune increases as you understand what it means to communicate in a forthright and yet tactful manner. Opportunity to speak your mind presents itself in April, although some tact would be useful as some intentions may not be clear. Overwork due to unmet expectations or vague deliverables can result in a sustained nervous tension in the body so restful practices which nourish the nervous system will be very helpful. Major changes in the view of relationships from mid-January onward can potentially bring freedom and are linked to financial ease going forward.


Leos have gone through a somewhat existential redefinition, with home and work balance having to respond to many changes and demands, while taking care that your relationship to children and other close loved ones are not ignored when sudden changes in relationship make their appearance. The urge to find release among friends and social activities is a very deep urge and one which will re-invigorate you to deal with all the challenges you face, even if you feel sometimes they make too many demands. You deserve recognition for what you’re pulling off, and thankfully you also have the resilience to stay in good health amidst the drama storm around you. Opportunity to make positive changes in career occur in April, with clear financial opportunities presenting themselves in August. It’s important over the next few years to open up to receiving love more than you have been asked to give it, as this area of your heart needs some good ol’ TLC. Expect changes on the work front from mid-January, which should hopefully coincide with any changes you are making to your health regime.


There has been only really one major focus in life it seems, that of career and your reputation. You’ve been called upon to present your ideas to the world in tangible ways and in addition, put systems in place to ensure your continued growth and success in this area. These activities can move forward from mid-January, and by September, you will come to a whole new view about the way these can be integrated into your life. Even though partners get involved in your success, they may have voiced needs on the home front which you will endeavour to resolve over the next few years in your usual dutiful way. In fact, the impact others have had on your family and financial situation you are resolving for the first half of the year. You are particularly busy at work and even new horizons at work in April. Your work ethic is paramount now, just don’t shove family issues (those of partners) under the basement carpet. Dealing with matters of the home and family sooner rather than later is a good idea.


Libra has been under pressure to accept key changes in their life and integrate them into a new routine of living going forward. The big change is likely to come from friends and partners, even if there is a certain level of hesitation or delay in taking the leap ahead. You’re being asked to push forward and innovate in the way life is happening to you. So much of your world view is changing, and necessarily so, be it through newfound devotion or travel or some sort of official certification, the confidence you have from this can spur you on to greater efforts in how you relate to others. A general feeling of unease in March can spur you to do some soul searching in April. This may be helpful, as it’s important for you to decide how you wish to view your life going forward, and seek out people and situations that will help you to grow on that path and thereby reconnect you with life. It’s time to get excited about the sheer variety of life around you rather than waiting for someone to push you forward even if you are accommodating and getting your hands dirty with new work projects for the first half of the year and things seem busy. You may have a better idea about changes on the home front from mid-January. August is a very good month for you to take a time-out from too many other-people influences and to re-centre yourself, even if this involves travel or other mental or physical horizons.


You are learning the most from relationships over the last couple of years, Scorpio. It may even be a happy euphemism to use the words “you are learning” because it goes much deeper than that. You’ve had to deal with relationships being overshadowed by work concerns, and the amount of responsibility you are taking on is incredible, I just hope people realize you do so because you care and not because you are a control freak, although they might need some convincing. Your partners may be a source of envy and it may be wise to let them get down and dirty with life in their own way while you go on with yours. Reconciliation is possible after you both have had the freedom to deal with and settle work-related matters in your individual lives, and it may be helpful to communicate come mid-January your intentions and views for the future. In fact, the less you talk about work in your relationship, the better chance you each have of resolving it. Besides, you have things to do which can bear new fruit in the form of financially rewarding partnerships or engagements come April. As always, you benefit from allowing yourself to tap into your own reserves and power to find a way through. Friendships and alliances are changing in August due to new opportunities that may have presented themselves. Your relationship to debt is being asked to resolve over the next few years to allow your energy new space from which to grow, and in 2017, you are working hard to resolve this in the first half of the year. September may see you looking at a completely new view of home life. Your ability to be a catalyst for change, even in others, can be used for great good.


I’m not sure whether to be serious or have a laugh with you, Sagittarius. There’s been either a string of relationships going on, or a series of major developments in an existing one. While you may be out hunting, you are also coming back home from the hunt more than usual, and if that is freaking you out, that is okay! It would be a good idea to have backup activities and hobbies that satisfy your urge to go exploring on your own from time to time. You are confronting your deepest fears as well as biggest transformations through your relationships. You may think of relationships as “the final frontier”. Even relationship with work colleagues and employers are changing, and this is especially true in August. Specifically, the scars of past relationships should be healed and positive transformations from them integrated into existing or new relationships over the next few years. It’s a matter that should be taken seriously, as there are major implications to your work performance and health which are related especially in April. Having a personal project at home which you can get busy with will help to offset any feeling of isolation that may set in. Making peace with one’s relationship to family and mother is important in 2017. The first half of the year can see more activity in relationships, with you working hard to settle and understand what all these new developments mean to you, even though the financial implications may have settled as early as February. New and deeper relationship with family life is a priority for much of 2017.


Depending your temperament, having fun either seems like a lot of hard work, or you prefer to engage with larger-than-life type events. And even if you struggle to self-actualize as much as you used to, somehow this issue of having fun with life seems to be an area where you’re especially trying hard to make some headway. Having a happy hobby which makes you feel productive can really help you reconnect with the way life seems to be flowing now, particularly some creative activity that requires or involves handiwork or artwork. The Humanities and Arts are the place to dig your hooves in. Chances are though, you have been planning on expanding upon these hobbies for a while now with your inherent business gaze, and you’re taking steps to formalize it conclusively over the next few years (this process may become more clear to you in April). You may initiate a few new developments come mid-January. On the plus side, children are out and about and seem to be making tangible and successful strides in their lives, so knowing you had a hand in that can help your self-esteem if it is lacking. In any case, you will feel more invigorated by life once you understand that the “stuck in a rut” personal phase is allowing you an opportunity to reorient your internal compass to some new purpose heretofore unexplored. As they say, in with the new, out with the old. Changes in your public or work role is spurred on by changes at home. One step at a time which may bring you closer to work colleagues and even new relationships. You are ready for romance or a new lease on life, even if you’re treating it as a decade long project. Your work is likely to go through new changes in August after months of you having to adopt a more spectator role, although it’s a good idea to fortify your constitution along with these changes.


Aquarius I hope you found an outlet by now to present your innovative and inconvenient truths to the world or some form of larger audience. You’ve had a need to connect here and find personal relevance through it for a long time. Even if it comes across as a bit rough, it’s just how you’re communicating right now, no frills and no fuss. It has become necessary for you to reconnect with your roots and family life in new a constructive way which foster a sense of shared and mutual support and growth, and this may even involve your role in the family relationship of your partner. You may have a chance to deal with this in April. You are immensely inspired to present some work you’ve had in mind to the world, out of the sheer joy and curiosity with which you engage with it, and opportunity to move forward with your private work presents itself from mid-January 2017. There can be many pet projects you are working on and they all require the use of your intelligence applied in multiple avenues simultaneously, in fact your area of innovation may be the bringing together of multifarious parts in a systematized manner. While you are busy plodding away at it, don’t be disheartened that your final work deadline keeps moving into the future – appreciate the immensity of what you are trying to do and it will resolve within the next few years. Your ideas and projects which you are working on have a real chance to contribute financially to you in the second half of the year, even if you have to put down some initial capital. You’re having more engagement with life and even if this means more children, you’re using all your faculties in a way that pleases you. Having said that, you may not find reception for your enthusiasm amongst your friends especially friends at work), due to either physical or emotional distance between yourselves now. It would be good to keep this out of the home life especially in August, and not let such slights or disappointments reduce your enthusiasm for your own creations, which are no less deserving of your attention. Allow your friends to finish their own transformation phase in their life, and you will find them again (and new ones too) in a few years’ time, at which point, you will be poised to present your final work for profit or pleasure or both.


You are coming to a time in the next few years where your words and ideas and how you present them will come to be understood as some of the major works in your life. The obligations to family are complicated and feature strongly in relation to career. You have a clearer sense of where this is going come April. Spending time with children or re-igniting some of your own childhood hobbies will be a great source of joy and will offset otherwise depressive influences. From this re-engagement with life you will understand new ways or avenues to fortune. On the career front, there is a call for a lack of emotionality and emphasis on objective hard work. You may be in completely new work environments which you are adjusting to right through the first half of the year, while chances are employers are experiencing different stages of change management. By mid-January it would be good to establish a support group outside of work come with whom you can connect with and engage with as the year progresses. It is time to take your work seriously, or redefine your existing goals with an eye on practicality, while you simultaneously continue to work on your personal dreams on the side with the knowledge that the time will come when they can be made manifest. August is a high time to manifest new views on relationships, especially those you have with family.