Where are the lost Concert Tickets?

A friend had purchased quite expensive tickets to the recent Michael Buble concert in Cape Town in March 2015, however they were misplaced or lost on the day of the concert and herself and her husband didnt end up going. Nevertheless, we still asked the question: “Where are the lost concert tickets?” and I proceed to give an answer with Astrology.

ConcertTicketsConcertTicketsThe tickets are signified by Saturn (ruler of 3rd or 4th house in this case). Saturn is on the Ascendant (exactly) at 4° Sagittarius – yes, the loss of the tickets especially monetary loss is on the mind of the querent (note that Saturn rules the 2nd house of money, the 3rd house of writing, and the 4th house of lost objects). This describes the situation, and hence the chart is radical.

Saturn is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable sign – the object is contained within something. Sagittarius indicates: mens’ clothes, not on the floor, near heat or light source, metal object (inside metal object perhaps?), close to the wall. Sagittarius also indicates the South east direction from the main room of the house, and since Sagittarius is the Ascendant, it is located in the eastern part of that south-easterly room.

Client feedback: So on the evening that you were advising me as to where they might be located …they were ….as you predicted……”close to men’s clothing, next to a heat or light giving source, inside metal object.” My washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher are installed against the back wall of my garage. The garage is located to the south east of the main room of my house. There is also a laundry basket there for loading and unloading clothing. When I placed my briefcase in the garage it was next to these appliances. The briefcase is a metal-framed object. I also didn’t link the briefcase to the appliances because the garage isn’t normally the place I would store my briefcase and I had forgotten that in my rush I had set it down there temporarily! Bottom line…had I checked properly in the garage I would have located them …exactly where you said they would be!