Some Notes from a Basic Natal Consultation

Zoey_NatalLibra Sun wants give and take of ideas, and close associations with others founded on equality and fairness. In the 12H perhaps it has to do with spiritual topics or secret things, and Zoey communicating with others about these things or about her seclusion or isolation. Leo is on the 11th house so she will try to impress her ideas about these onto her friends the most, and it also means that her friends can be secretly her enemies because they can cause strife in her home or work life (Sun square MC). With Uranus-NNode on the 11th house, it can add that disruption in her friendships can also lead her into depression because there will be nobody else that can appreciate her need for expression and exchange of ideas and opinions, and these cause some problems with her work life and relationship with her employer (may eventually become her own boss).

Zoey NatalHer natural instinct is to want to know as much about something as possible (Aquarius Moon) even if she doesnt always know wat to do with it afterwards (Moon-SNode). With Uranus-NNode on the 11H/10S, and ruler of MC Moon on 5H, most likely interpretation could be she wants to be able to know as much as possible about ways of giving and receiving love in order to give warmth and nurturing to others, and also to receive in this way (MC). There may be slight rebellious or unconventional tendencies regarding feelings about things (maybe distant, but nevertheless aware, especially with regards to the humanity of relationships)…how sex and personal pleasure can be liberating for humanity. Alternative is that desire for children is strong and she can provide for loved ones by gathering as much information as is possible if they had a problem…she will show her care and affection by providing them with all the best tried and tested options possible (Aquarius Moon).

So far, Zoey will try to gather as much information as is possible about all the options available for any given situation, which will be a good supply (Sun trine Moon) to her desire to share her ideas with others and have interactions with them out of a 12th house context. This makes sense as Zoey is a Reiki Master.

So how will this be pushed into the world? Through Scorpio. This means that Zoey may force her best options down the throats of people she cares about – well meaning. With Neptune-MercuryRx on AC, people she comes into contact with will form a view about her that is a strong projection of their own imaginations, and may not be actually who Zoey is. Angular Neptune also indicates a history of substance abuse in the family.

Zoey will approach life as a detective – a very informed and communicative detective. She is aware of her life being full of emotional battles she has had to defend herself from (childhood reclusiveness nontwithstanding). She is successful over enemies (Mars Scorpio L1 in AC), and can be subject to occasional delusions in personal relationships (Neptune on AC). If Neptune influence is opened up to instead of being used as personal escape route to seclusion, she can have mission of healing many people by breaking through emotional and mental trauma. Alcohol is absolutely detrimental to her bodily system, and may bring up hereditary illness in the body.

Zoey is very good at reading people, and maybe she can be controlling at times but she will graceful about it. Fairness is very important to her. She is driven to give her accumulated wisdom and experience to help others on a deep level. There is a combative tendency (a willingness to confront drama because she knows she will win).

It is a day chart. The Sun is the primary triplicity ruler of the 11th, 2nd, 3rd and 6th houses, and is positioned in the 12th. These topics wouldve played an important role in her childhood development, particularly feeling unworthy of or cut off from friends and an ability to provide for herself. She may have taken on the personality of her friends and servants and siblings, while the formulation of her own identity would begin after age 19.

Zoey puts a lot of pressure on herself to accept life’s challenges which she feels she must fight in order to feel capable and motivated about life.

Relationship with father, siblings, and children is full of heavy responsibility, and she has probably had to place some strict boundaries here. Money comes from property and land or inheritance (strong indications). Issues with knee (Saturn in Capricorn) whenever she tries to climb after goals that are not within her reach nor should they be. Feeling lonely at home, but it is very stable.

If she wants a relationship to last, she best keep it under wraps, or have it as a working relationship in a healing space, or with someone that is themselves spiritually attuned. Endeavours to push the relationship into the public sphere will end in sorrow and depression.

The Nodal axis is on the 5th-11th, indicating that a lifelong lesson involves learning how to balance giving and receiving of love and affection.