Question: Where is my Friend’s Wifi Dongle?

Q_wifi_dongleThis afternoon before the website launch, we needed to perform some last minute checks on the website but the electricity was down and we needed to find the wifi dongle to get online. So there was a vested interest in this question. After looking around and not finding it first, I asked the question, “Where is my friend’s wifi dongle?”.

My friend is the 11th house Sagittarius and Jupiter, in the 7th: we have a working business relationship for the web development.

My friend’s wifi dongle is the 12th house, and is signified by Saturn.

Saturn is Angular: it will be found soon (within the hour).

Saturn is in the MC: it is in the South of the house

Saturn is in Scorpio: it is in a dark place, is hidden, close to the ground and wall (fixed sign), possibly damp location, in the East.

Saturn is conjunct Mercury: close to books, gadgets.

Saturn is conjunct Sun: near place of business, or the most active place in the house.

The wifi dongle located in the room of the house where he conducts his business, the room with lots of papers, printers, and where the computer is. The room is on the South side of the house. It was buried under books in the bottom cupboard closest to the floor in the eastern corner of the room.

We were very happy to find it!