Rectification (Standalone Order)



This consultation is conducted with preparation, analysis, and consideration in both Western Astrology and the Vedic Astrology of India.

This reading is strongly recommended before any other consultation is booked (except for the following: Specific Question and Webinar). It will increase the accuracy in prediction of any subsequent readings by up to 80%.

IMPORTANT: This product for Rectification is for people who are making a Rectification consultation purchase without any other order. 

An incorrect birthchart is every practising astrologer’s nightmare because the validity of the information provided in any subsequent session is adversely affected. Just on ethical grounds alone, it is recommended that a Rectification consultation be performed in the interest of the client to ensure that information received is relevant to their life.

The procedure is that upon completion of a Questionnaire, we sit together and back-calculate a birth time that aligns with major events and other descriptors in your life. If you have a birth time to start off with (from a birth certificate or mother’s memory for example) then this process can be easier. If you have no idea what your birth time is, and no one can remember, then you should expect that the process of rectification may take the full two hours to complete. Upon payment, a Rectification Questionnaire is sent to you for completion. Once I receive this form back, your rectification session will be scheduled with you.

Astrologers prefer to not do this service, but I recognize the tremendous value of having it done and my clients appreciate it because their readings are always on point as a result. This is normally a premium service.

I go through life events and client’s answers to descriptive questions, checking natal chart combinations and directions for each event, making careful notes along the way. I look out for emerging patterns, keeping an eye out for Planetary Themes and Cycles, and medieval astrology techniques such as Profections and Firdaria. I then have a rough idea of time(s) of day which apply to the chart, then applying further checks with Vedic Astrology, Astrocartography, and various Return charts until the list of likely times comes narrows down to a few candidate times. For example, if the client has a history of medical conditions, then these must be in the chart and relevant return and and Vedic varga charts. At this point, I have the likely birth time or one of its mirrors. The prep time is up 2-8 hours, depending on the complexity of the rectification required.

The session is conducted via GoToMeeting or Webex. You will receive a link via email to join in the online meeting session. You will receive a high quality, complete recording of the video and audio of the session for you to keep. Sessions in person will be dependent on my ability to travel locally (increases waiting period for appointment).

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