Workshop: Profections I and II



Profections are an indispensable contextual tool for prediction in traditional western astrology. This 2-day course leads you step-by-step through fundamental and advanced principles of profections with time for group work and individual chart discussion.

Profections Day 1

  • Fundamentals concepts and rules applicable (from Western traditional and Vedic astrology)
  • The Sign of the Year and the Lord of the Year
  • Understanding Natal Promise and its Annual Modification by Solar Return
  • The use of Focused Transits
  • The Tropical Zodiac as a temporal paradigm
  • Monthly and Daily Profections

Profections Day 2

  • Mundane Profections: the South African Presidency, and Donald Trump
  • The Tropical Zodiac as a Temporal Paradigm
  • The importance of understanding the Hierarchy of Astrology
  • The role of Profections in the Hierarchy of Astrological Predictive Techniques
  • How to analyze the personal impact of Outer Planets in a natal chart (as opposed to their global impact)
  • The Hand of God: using the Epoch chart to understand the Fate AND Free-will balance of life
  • The Hand of God: using the Epoch chart in conjunction with Profections
  • The Hand of God: a look at the next Epoch Chart of the World
  • Personal Development Cycles using Profections: Years, Months, and Days
  • Personal Decay Cycles using Profections: Years, Months, and Days
  • Ritual Days of the Planets in the Personal Annual Pulse for effective connection to personal planetary archetypes

Workshop includes:

  • All handouts and slidepack
  • 12 hours of audio-visual recordings