History & Rationale of Astrological House Systems



The aim of this webinar is to increase one’s technical understanding behind the astrological house systems so that one understands their use in conjunction with others, and to facilitate a personal preference based upon knowing which house systems aligns with your own philosophical view of space and time.

The webinar covers:

  • An overview of fundamental classical astronomy needed for understanding the celestial geometry and mechanics involved.
  • A visual presentation of the rationale and construction of the following astrological house systems will be presented and discussed: Whole sign Houses, Equal Houses, Regiomontanus, Placidus, Alcabitius, Morinus, Campanus, and Koch
  • A historical note covering the likely use and emergence of these house systems
  • Example charts (Natal, Horary, and Mundane) will be used to illustrate how to combine the use of a house system of your choice with whole sign houses signification

The webinar is 2 hours long.  A new recording and livestream is conducted once a year. A link will be provided to all attendants for the livestream about 30minutes before the scheduled time.

Recordings are available for purchase for those who are unable to attend the livestream.

The next livestream and new recording will be on: Thursday 22 June 2018 4-6pm GMT.