Intro to Jyotish Workshop



The workshop covers the following topics:


  • The context of the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs
  • The context of Jyotish (Astrology) with respect to the Vedas
  • The Modes of Nature as a basis for all astrology
  • The Five elements emerging out of the modes of Nature
  • The 27 and 28 Nakshatra scheme (lunar mansions)
  • The Sign Rulership and Dignity Scheme in Jyotish explained
  • The Navagraha (nine planets), each elaborated in detail
  • The Rashis (signs): the aim, methodology, result, characteristics, constellational reference, and environment described in detail
  • Aspects: The 3 parts of any aspect in the paradigm of Light; aspects by Sign, aspects by Planet
  • The Houses: Essential meanings and primary significators
  • Houses: the nature of houses explained (the relationship between angles and trinal houses, trika houses, dusthana houses, upachaya houses)
  • Houses: Thematic/Topical approach (Badhaka sthana, Marana Karaka Sthana, with examples)


  • Important houses for each rising sign based upon diurnal or nocturnal signs
  • How gender modifies the Sun sign signature
  • Using the method of Yuga Rashi to determine the means of house results
  • Financial Support based upon ascendant sign
  • Travel
  • Pre and post natal circumstances
  • Criteria for astrological expertise ability
  • Childhood and upbringing, with examples
  • Vocation, with examples
  • The Soul SIgnificator or Atmakaraka and delineation therefrom, with examples


  • 7 hours of audio recording of the full worskop
  • 850 MB of data video snippets on the nakshatras or lunar mansions
  • pdf of workshop handouts
  • pdf of workshop slide pack
  • 2 hour webinar recording of followup Q&A session