Specific Question (Horary)




From the Sanskrit word hora (a division of time) came the Greek horoskopos (hour-marker). Horary Astrology is therefore that branch of Astrology dealing with the answering of everyday specific questions “of the hour”. The question is conceived in the mind of the person asking the question, and is born in the mind of the astrologer at the time and place they choose to look into it.

It is a requirement that the person asking the question have a vested and direct interest in the topic of the question being asked, and that the question be formulated as clearly as possible, often with a time-indication in the question where appropriate. A horary question is one in which the person asking the question really wants to know the answer. It is this serious interest which allows a horary astrologer to interpret the moment when the question is asked. Casual curiosity is not enough. The more personally you are involved in the question, the better it works in horary. The more specific the question, the better.


Some examples of questions that are valid:

  • Where is my lost watch?
  • I feel sick. What is wrong with me at the moment?
  • Will I see Tom again this year?
  • Is there anything wrong with the house I want to buy?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Will I pass the examination?
  • When will the plumber arrive?
  • Will my sister fall pregnant within the next two years?
  • Will I find my missing daughter?
  • Will my daughter win the prize?
  • Will my son go to jail?
  • Will I inherit my father’s money?
  • Can I trust Sandy my maid?
  • Post grad studies or Gap year?
  • Where is my lost pet?
  • Will my child be okay at this school?
  • Will we win this court case?
  • Is Sophie the right gal for me?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Is Jennifer right for this job?
  • Will Alex come back into my life?
  • Will my team win the match on Saturday?
  • Is my husband going to die before me?
  • Am I pregnant?

Some examples of questions that cannot be answered with this type of Astrology:

  • Will I ever fall in love again?
  • Is the President going to be re-elected next year?
  • Will I ever conceive?
  • Should I leave my job?
  • Is he my soul-mate?

In general, “Should” type questions always need further elaboration until you arrive at the actual issue you are asking the question about. That then becomes the real question to ask.

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