Choosing a Propitious Time (Electional)




PLEASE NOTE that the elected time chosen for you will be checked in both Western and Vedic astrology, and be therefore optimized and checked in both ancient systems.

Electional astrology is truly magical. Since everything is connected, we can look ahead into the future to see when would be a great time to launch that business, file for divorce, buy a house, host a talk to get clients, start a marriage, email those business proposals, ask for a raise, etc. This is where we let the astrology work FOR you. By aligning our activity with the prevalent mood or energy at the time, increases the probability of a favourable outcome.

This is conducted via email only, and you will receive a reply within a week of payment being received.

The listed price is per date requested.

The session is conducted via GoToMeeting or Webex. You will receive a link via email to join in the online meeting session. You will receive a high quality, complete recording of the video and audio of the session for you to keep. Sessions in person will be dependent on my ability to travel locally (increases waiting period for appointment).