Monthly Horoscopes (20 Jan – 18 Feb 2015)

Your horoscopes for the astrological month of Aquarius!

Please note with all dates mentioned, the error is usually +/- 1 day. You may also read the description for your Rising Sign, if you know what it is.

If you feel that your month’s description is lacking, rest assured, we all have our busy and chill months of the year – your busy time may yet come! Particularly if you are mutable Sign (rising or Sun sign) i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – you can expect to have the Solar and Lunar eclipses of 2015 paying you a visit.

I have removed as much astrological jargon as possible in trying to not load you with meaningless words, but rather use the space for actual interpretations.

Please note which Decan you fall under in the table below based on your birth date. If your birth date falls between the 19 – 22 of a month, please consult an astrologer or free astrology software ( to verify which Sign your Sun falls in, as during these days of each month, it can vary from year to year (you may be at the very last degrees or very early degrees of a Zodiac sign). Knowing which Decan you are in for your Sun sign will be useful when it is mentioned in the descriptions below for the month 22 Dec 2014 – 19 Jan 2015.



The events and circumstances of mid January 2015 will highlight something that you are either repeating or trying again, or you may be encountering issues and people that are back again in your space (the last time these came up was Sep/Oct 2014). This will be the theme for the rest of the time that Mercury is retrograde this month. Particular days to keep note of when the theme will manifest strongly: 01 Feb 2015 and 22 Feb 2015. Whatever the theme or pattern is for you, this is a time when you have an opportunity to purposefully RE-EVALUATE and RE-ORIENT the way you think about and the mental habits you have around it and the types of people involved. Visualization techniques and intent meditation are very strong tools to use during this time. There are other aspects of our life that Mercury affects in our daily life besides the techno-gadgets and warbled communication during this time. If you would like more information about what this Mercury Retrograde period means for you, check out our Crash Consultation product on the Services page.


At the beginning of this astrological month, the potential to get in touch with your spiritual side is very high. Negatively, drowning your sorrows away isnt going to help. Financially you may feel a bit trapped, or you just dont have as much free cash as you thought you did or would. You may be feeling depressed and generally disconnected to others, so reach out and let others know you need some help (07 Feb is a good day to try do this). You are motivated to achieve very high and strong tangible results this month in your work. Adopting a position of learning and acquiring information and knowledge will be best to develop your confidence. Relevant dates are 23 January and 25 January. Focus on alternative or healing relationships, more than a purely pleasure-centered focus to avoid the doldrums. Take some time off around 04 Feb to just have fun; connect with your deeper side and spend an intimate evening expressing yourself in all its glory.


This month you career is of primary focus. The buildup of the previous months’ financial issues are playing out in the area of your job and/or reputation. You DO want to spend some of that cash to pamper yourself and have a little fun, and thats okay. You may have been travelling a lot lately, or perhaps travel will play an important role in your work environment this month. If you’re a travel agent, well…thats obvious right, any means to further your education to work toward an achievement that will add to your reputation at work is also a key motivation for you. Relevant dates are 22 January and 28 January. Finances look suddenly better from 28 January, but there could be some harsh realities and debt to be paid around 30 January.

The 1-2 February is a time of heightened romance – if you are in a relationship use the insane romantic vibes and spoil yourself and your partner. Single bulls may also find the sweet-smelling flower whilst roaming the pastoral grounds as well. I wouldnt be surprised if relationships get an injection of enthusiasm around 4 Feb due to such Venusian influences at the start of the month. If not a relationship, its at least a very good time to have that heart to heart conversation with that special someone, just be clear where you stand. Make hay while the sun shines because by the the 20 Feb, the rosy skies would be beginning to part and the romantic airs of Venus start to lift, returning you (hopefully) gently to the lush ground once more.


So you’re finally completing that degree. Oh, its a new one?! Oh well, best get those books dusted and pencils sharpened. Oh but of course, you use one of those smart techno-pads to do the writing for you. My apologies. If you’re traveling, its probably with a partner or in the context of an (hopefully) impending relationship (although, I think the energy will dissipate here by 25 January). In any case, its LOADED. There’s so many new things opening up with your mind its a bit crazy (or normal as far as Gemini’s are concerned). You thrive on crazy. Own it. Not only all of that, you have some serious motivation to get going on that front. New ideas, new frontiers, new learning opportunities. Why, a bunch of you will even be settling in a few newfound beliefs as well. 23 January and 30 January are relevant.

From 22 Jan to 12 Feb you are doing some serious re-thinking about all of these different options. Make a mindmap, consult the experts, gather the information, drive your friends crazy, host a talk show forum to get all of them covered – by mid Feb you will have a much better idea of where you are wanting to go. Around 05 Feb you may meet someone from the past that you had a significant interaction with, who will assist you in your re-evaluating process.


Well, it looks like you’re putting the finishing touches on some relationship matters this month, and you’re quite motivated to make a proclamation about what you’re doing too! Quite an achievement afterall. Well done! It’s been quite life-changing. Of course, the financial aspects of these plans will come up soon enough, and it looks like you’re taking the steps to get the wheels oiled and moving smoothly one day. You could also be rounding up matters on the business partnership as well, in which case, thank goodness! Money is good, not increasing, but not severely decreasing either – count your blessings. You have till September to capitalize on any money schemes so proceed slowly. Relevant dates are 22 January and 02 February. On 04 February you revisit the financial decisions of 21 January. Domestic quarrel possible 01 February (someone/something is asking for change).


Archetypically, your relationships are very important this month. Some decisions take root and you’re owning them. You’re very confident in what you are bringing to the table. Dont be too harsh if you find some distance between you and your partner. Keep the communication lines open, but dont make it all about you 100% of the time. Salary and your ability to spend it (and how you use it), are also a focus this month, and occur in together with any communication happening with your employer or job itself. Perhaps part of your relationship requires that you resolve your financial and job concerns, or the relationship must provide these things….Alot of terms of conditions are being placed on your partner. Take it easy, they may not have the drive you have at the moment, but may be able to engage your terms much later, if you’re still around. Relevant dates are 20 January and 02 February. On 04 February (and again 06 Feb), you may come across as arrogant if you’re trying to sell yourself or an idea, so probably spend the day with people who enjoy your company sincerely (with regular applause of course). However, if you’re selling an improvement idea you’ve come up with to a group of people, these dates will be very good.

You may be spending money hosting friends or being social on 30 January, and its someone you’ve met before. The 09 Feb is a good day to talk to your partner about what is going on with you.


This month is about getting down and dirty with your work. You are called into service, and lets hope that the everyday ill-events that we dont expect dont happen to you too much. As usual, your health is sensitive but especially this month, so you may find yourself being even more particular than usual about your diet. Get the routine down as soon as possible to make the most of this month.

In addition to workaholic tendencies, money is an attendant focus this month. Paying your debts and figuring out how to best use the income does deserve some time and perhaps professional guidance. But maybe the push of your energy into your work isnt surprising after all, given the trouble you’re having at home and in relationships. Be flexible and willing to “go with the flow” to avoid unnecessary conflict. Take your time-out and connect with your happy place before 05 Feb, because you will need it on speed-dial then. Relevant dates are 21 January and 06 February.


The focus this month is clearly your children. If you dont have children, its all the personal pleasure activities and hobbies you have going on. In either case, you are beginning to understand that your words carry power of manifestation, and maybe some past patterns of thinking and beliefs are resurfacing, asking to be re-evaluated in this regard. “How do I think about this? How does it improve my life?”. This is mainly because of the impact of Saturn on Venus, your ruling planet, this month, taking notes on how accountable and authentic you are when it comes to how and why you share your love. There is also a need for you to show more love toward your family and the people you live with, and in some cases, this is the real root of your love-making and love-sharing activities this month (in the most positive sense). Spend time with your family and children, make your home more cosy and open, host a party and have a good time where it matters. Be the one that enables their voice to be heard. The 22 January and 09 February are relevant dates for this.

Have whatever fun you can, because by the 28 January, your workload may dramatically increase. You may be working with or for friends a lot more than usual. Another option of course is socializing too much and falling ill. So watch the excesses. Exercise to remove the buildup of water in the body. Keep yourself active and stay away from excessive sweet/sour foods. Toward the 20 Feb you will be feeling the need to rely on someone for support (monetarily or otherwise). The less money you needlessly spend at the beginning of this astrological month, the better it may be for you if the fhit hits the san.


Whew! You’ve been busy, hey!? Broken hearts and love letters, and the ashes of your ex buried in the back yard lol. I cant help but wonder if you are searching for your heart’s ideal through your pleasure adventures and escapades this month. You’re out there, taking risks, going where you’ve never gone before, and boldly too! If you’re the settled homey type of Scorpion, spending all your love and having fun with your children will be the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling thing you could possibly do at this time (just make sure its activity-based and not some airy conversation in the clouds). Whether you’re the independent pirate of the high seas of love, or the enduring builder in the home, your love is being expressed, and you are searching for that elusive chance of that love coming back. How does the song go again, “Your love is my drug?”. Keep it and your expectations real. Relevant dates are 23 January and 11 February.

You’re motivated to communicate in a fresh way this month. Something new and unique. You want people to really participate in your conversations and move both of you into new pursuits. You’re also thinking about how to get the word out about income. You may find yourself flying on the wisp of romantic love on 04 Feb, or there is real opportunites on the work front that show up. Be aware and make the most of these opportunities.


Well you’ve got quite serious recently about life. In a good way. If we want the good things in life, its not enough to shoot our arrows at it Sagittarius, we have to also gallop toward it! And that may be a long journey, but oh its so worth our effort, and you definitely dont lack the enthusiasm to go out there and make it happen!

The focus this month is learning. Again, or there’s been some delays in the process. If you’re travelling abroad, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had delays more than usual. Up until end of August, is prime time for you to get those books polished or the travel plans done and dusted. Delays? You eat delays for breakfast! The most challenging aspect of this whole process, is how you are communicating with others about it. Be respectful and civil – we know you have the best ideas in town, but if you want others to listen, give them some of that Sagittarian charm instead of forcing it down their throats (even if its for their own good!). However, if you find that you dont have the proper equipment for the job, or the flight attendants and travel agents are messing up your plans – take a deep breath and shoot one of your Enthusiasm arrows right up their butt (proverbially speaking of course). Take it in your stride, it wont be over for a while yet. You want to learn but getting down to it may be challenging, so put all your effort into getting those routines DOWN. YOU GOT THIS.

Relevant dates are 21 January, 03 February, and 13 February.

The best days for you to get as much done as possible is 04-05 February, but make sure you take care to not accept every invitation outing you get the week leading up to it. Else, you simply wont have the time.


Again, this is time-out month. In fact, for a while to come, it seems you’re more concerned about your core being on an existential level, than all your achievements you have floating around you (although, they are also nice and sparkly to look at once in a while). In other news, you are very much motivated this month – you’re willing to be more engaged and out there (there’s MANY things demanding your attention – as usual) and it seems that if you want something done, you got to do it yourself. Watch your words this month, and how you communicate with others (particulalry on 29 January). Be authentic and compassionate as possible (I know its tough, but it’ll be better for you if you go with the flow a bit this month rather than leading the show all the time). Relevant dates are 20 January and 13 February. The time around 05 Feb will be quite stressful and I think thatis when the down-time will be required the most.


Its your time to shine, Aquarius! Youre out there doing your thing, being social, being with your friends, and busy with your organization work, settling deals and moving mountains. Travelling and the family are attendant topics this month as well – maybe you’re living abroad a lot, or studying at home (relevant on 29 January). Even though you feel you dont have as much energy for all this activity as you may need (and do take your rejuvenation seriously), some of these activities will be good for your networking in future. If you have children, you’ll be taking more care over them end January than you have been. Otherwise, its a risky day for love.

Even though your relationships are featuring a lot of concern over money at the momemt, you should be able to make a decision around 05-06 February in that regard.


It looks like you’re making a lot of progress in your work these days. Perhaps you have a sponsor or mentor at work that really helps you (even if they’re not directly in contact with you, or not always available). Financial burdens related to your work is also on your mind this month. Your friends and your social life is a big facor in you feeling comfortable and secure enough to go out the door again the next day, so keep the connections with your close friends open. Any display of your talents in a group setting (particulalry a group that is friendly and supports you) will do wonders for you this month, even indirectly in financial ways too. Relevant dates are 22 January, 24 January, and 04 February. You may have to make a compromise related to these matters on 06 Feb. If you have any concerns about your health, go for a check-up before 22 January, and another follow-up around the 08 Feb. With your work sector becoming alot more serious and demanding recentlt, being a workaholic may be to your benefit this month, but dont overdo it.