Medical Astrology: Caesarian Section

Procedure: Caesarian section.

CaesarianCaesarianChart makes sense as the patient is ill (Mars, ruler of 6th in 1st). The mother is of very strong constitution, albeit weighed down by baby at the moment.

Baby is Saturn. Mother meets baby in less than an hour but not before the medication/operative procedure is performed (Moon)…as expected. However the circumstances of them meeting doesnt look good.

The procedure/treatment is actually not agreeable with the baby at all (Moon square Saturn, mutually in each other’s debility). The inability of each to receive the other is hardly resolved. The squares from the benefics also do not assist.

In addition, there is strong likelihood of harm coming to the mother (Mercury, ruler of 8th and 12th, applying to L1 Mars – it is accidentally powerful malefic).

Patient probably coughed up a lot of money for the new treatment that the doctor also supported about a week ago (Jupiter exalted ruler of 10th, ruler of 2nd and 6th conjunct Venus).

With Moon in Leo, we should not to be poking around the spine especially lumbar regions at all…further with Neptune in the 5th Pisces trine AC, the drugs being used may have a very adverse effect on the nervous system of the baby (note L8 and L12 is also Mercury=nervous system).

I dont think this baby is okay, and the mother suffers for it.

Reschedule if possible, revise use of drugs in procedure…is Caesarian absolutely necessary?