Purchase Webinar: SA Mundane Astrology (2017 Update)



Friday 3 November 2017, 6pm – 8pm SAST (South African Standard Time)

Following on the developments presented in my talk in Cape Town in July 2015, this presentation provides an update to the mundane astrology of South Africa in the coming years given developments and challenges that have arisen over the last Saturn transit of Sagittarius. Now, on the cusp of Saturn’s transit into tropical Capricorn, we look into the new paradigm of what the societal and community archetypes, the Great Teachers, Saturn and Jupiter mean for our country in the two years ahead.

Theodore Naicker, DMA., DAS., is a qualified petroleum reservoir engineer, certified professional astrologer, owner of Spica Astrology, and specializes in both Western and Vedic Astrology techniques. His aim is to bring practical astrology to people in a thriving holistic community. More info about Theodore at www.spicastrology.com/about-theo/