Workshop: Profections I and II



Profections are an indispensable contextual tool for prediction in traditional western astrology. This 2-day course leads you step-by-step through fundamental and advanced principles of profections with time for group work and individual chart discussion.

Times: 10am – 5pm BST (9am – 4pm GMT)

A Zoom online meeting room link will be made available to all attendees, as well as handouts and recordings.

Profections I: Saturday 28 July 2018
> Context and Core methods
> Annual, monthly & daily profections
> Profections, Solar Returns, and Focused Transits

Profections II: Sunday 29 July 2018
> Qualitative changes by converse methods
> How Jupiter and Saturn control the profection cycle
> Finding the most vulnerable months and days of the year for health
> Profections and Secondary Progressions

Presented by Theodore Naicker, DMA., DAS