Workshop: Personal Vitality Management



Personal Energy Management is a big topic in the Holistic Health community. People are caught between the stress of modern living and spiritual practice for calmer and more joyful quality of life. This workshop will share secrets from ancient India in the tradition of Vedic Astrology with information on your personal connection to sacred fire which channels your vitality, how this impacts sleep patterns and work focus, and what you can do on a daily basis to connect with this inbuilt energy source and develop it further to understand your body’s intelligence.

Session 1.  Your personal connection to Sacred Fire based upon the day of your birth. What this means for you in terms of life focus, challenges, and personal management that impact your health and vitality. Application to individual attendees. Facilitated by Theodore Naicker

Session 2. Understanding the blocks to your personal fire connection, what you can do about it on a daily basis, and how to connect with the sacred fire that is the heart of your life. Application to individual birth charts. Facilitated by Theodore Naicker

Session 3. Addressing your Centre. Tool, tips & practise to enhance your vitality connection and manage your energetic challenges. Facilitated by Nina Ashby.

VENUE: 201 Selhurst Rd, South Norwood, London, SE25 6LB

DATE: Saturday 14 July 2018, 9.30am for 10am – 5pm

COST: £60 per person (includes all recordings, handouts, and a summer lunch)