Workshop: Personal Finance



There are numerous methods in western traditional astrology pertaining to the matter of finances. This workshop will share with you those methods which work consistently to detail sources of wealth. Strategies to work around financial blocks are also given so that each person can work toward achieving greater financial freedom or optimizing their existing financial streams.

This workshop covers:

  • Describing profession from the Sun
  • Describing the time flow of profession from the Sun
  • Who or what helps us in our profession – angles to the Midheaven
  • Personal Financial Flow through the Houses: Income and Expenses
  • What activity maximizes your money potential
  • What drains your motivation for financial success
  • Evaluating growth of and security of income using the Part of Fortune

The workshop includes:

  • 7 hours of audio-visual recordings
  • Followup Webinar and Summary pdf
  • Handouts and slidepack