Family Dynamics (1.5hrs)



This reading is for parents who would like to understand the potentials and behavioral needs of their child (whatever the age).

The way I read the chart for “current” issues with a child, is that I read the symbolism based upon their age group, within the context of the patterns that are triggered currently in the charts of parents and yourself, to fully understand the present and future path of the life which the child is carrying, and then I advise accordingly on how best to facilitate the growth and emergence of the intent which the child represents for themselves as well as for the family as a whole.

For new parents and in cases where the child is less than a year old, I would suggest to use the reading to focus advice to the parents with respect to parenting style, their own proclivities which are emerging around the child at this time, etc…rather than focusing a reading on the child so much right now. Essentially, the focus of the reading for new parents like this is usually handled this way unless there is some urgency to assess indicators with the child.

In that context, I will be able to provide advice for the first 3 years of the child’s life as well (as he is already close to the 18 month mark). I would suggest that another reading be done after he turns 3 years old, as the Jupiter and Saturn symbolism would have begun to emerge at that stage. I have therefore separated the readings for children according to the appropriate age of the child:

  • < 18 months old
  • < 3 years old
  • < 5 years old
  • < 8 years old
  • < 13 years old
  • < 16 years old

Readings for children over the age of 16 is considered only with the permission of the child. Parents looking for career guidance, are requested to view the Career and Finance consultation.

This reading includes:

  • A discussion of the basic needs and approach to life
  • Who features prominently in the world of your¬†child, and how does your child experience parents, grandparents, etc? And what can you do about it?
  • What is the role of siblings in your child’s life (if applicable)
  • What is the preferred parental style and approach to discipline
  • What does your child fear and in which areas of life do they feel vulnerable
  • Their approach and responses to education style
  • The role of peers in their development cycle
  • A look at the year ahead for your child
  • Bonus: if you have had your own rectification or natal reading done through Spica Astrology, then I will include analysis to uncover the dynamics within your family and ancestry and help you understand the role of your child in the genetic and spiritual chain of your family