General Consultation (30 mins)



All consultations are conducted with preparation, analysis, and consideration in both Western Astrology as well as the Vedic Astrology of India.

This is a general consultation, suited for new clients who don’t want or need an in-depth or detailed consultation. Since I wont be checking the veracity of your birth time beforehand, the information received from this consultation will be applicable to you in a general way.

If you are serious about your consultation, I advise all first-time clients to do a Rectification consultation beforehand which ensures the accuracy and confidence of subsequent predictions. You may find out more about the Rectification reading here.

The session is conducted via GoToMeeting or Webex. You will receive a link via email to join in the online meeting session. You will receive a high quality, complete recording of the video and audio of the session for you to keep. Sessions in person will be dependent on my ability to travel locally (increases waiting period for appointment).