Across the Universe Webinars

These webinars are interactive and have a cross-disciplinary astrological approach. We are providing you with synthesis and relevance that only comes with experience in Astrology. It is important to us to include the voice of healers in our wider holistic community and in the future this is an aspect which will continue to grow as part of our services to you.

hosted by Spica Astrology

The Across the Universe Webinar Series focuses on a combination of Head, Heart, and Hand for a truly unique and holistic approach to the presentation of Astrology in a modern and inclusive context.

HEAD: the astrological principles are presented in an easy-to-undertand, cross-disciplinary format

HAND: cheat-sheets and a webinar workbook with case studies and instructions to help you work through the symbolism in your chart ahead of the webinar

HEART: our special guest healers and therapists drive home the astrological principles with focused guided meditations and affirmations

With every webinar, you will receive helpful cheatsheets that will assist you in working with the symbolism in your own chart before coming to the webinar. And as a bonus we also will be providing you with a booklet containing celebrity case studies, healing points, and much more for you to keep!

Those who attend the webinars live have exclusive access to post-webinar chat sessions and offers.

10% of all proceeds will go to a charity each month. The charity we have chosen for the month of July is the Terrence Higgins Trust (UK). Find out more about them at

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